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  1. I just stumbled across this today. Theres a site called vanderbilly.com. Its a free guitar lesson site that is mostly run by user submissions. A select group of members formed what they call the Virtual Led Zeppelin project. Each player records their respective parts and shoots a video which is then sent to Japan where youtube user Jun626 does the final edits. None of the players have ever met and likely never will. many more songs are in store and this project will hopefully fluorish as Zeppelin fans around the world just can't get enough. Virtual Zeppelin was launched with Ten Years Gone as the first project song. I watched all of their videos and i was blown away. Especially by the lead singer. He is the closest damn resemblance ive ever heard compared to plant. I lestened to the Lemon Song track of theirs and i swore it was actually a Plant overdub. http://www.youtube.com/user/vanderbilly#p/u/8/aEhyJtJPEVk All I can say is wow. They sound amazing. They would make the most authentic sounding tribute band ever haha! This virtual group is comprised of the following Youtube veterans: Vocals http://www.youtube.com/jamesnorthernva Bass http://www.youtube.com/Munkybarz Drums http://www.youtube.com/mg4150 Guitars and video/audio editing http://www.youtube.com/jun626 Guitar http://www.youtube.com/vanderbilly
  2. well theres rolling stone at my local supermarket. and walmart has them. almost any big store like that. target, best buy
  3. yup, im a zeppelin fan. pretty much everyone of those are true except the last. ive never thought of that. how about saying "f*ck!" everytime before you play the song Friends on your acoustic or having the little conversation with yourself: "shall we roll it jimmy?" .... "nah leave it yeah..." haha i also like copying all of page's little "mannerisms" when i play guitar, just like his hand waving thing when he plays theremin, or the violin bow mimic on dazed. or the mischievious stance from kashmir, etc... i know a lot of them
  4. o i know that doesnt dtract from it at all. its them being there of course, but i was just wodnering cuz it sounded funny. im watching good times bad times right now... AWESOME!!!!!
  5. im watching some audience clips of the show on the 10th and it sounds like they tuned down. i dont doubt it due to roberts vocals but am i right? or am i just hearing things? were there any songs they altered? i heard they played ramble on, thats pretty cool. did they play some songs in tune to the original recordings?
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