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  1. I'm not studying advertising or marketing, why? Do you think Page's attraction lies in his advertising ability, or is that what I seem drawn to? You guys are right, Morrison's character is not that relevant to Jimmy Page's. They were both very much seekers of the truth and knowledge, which led them both to occult studies, which makes them stand out in music. sk8rat, you're right that Jimmy is very good at controlling his and Led Zeppelin's image; perhaps, that's why he shares so little. I know most of my ramblings seem like BS, but really his real personality is so hidden that it is easy t
  2. I was just browsing /r/ledzeppelin and saw a post about Jimmy Page's Personality. In it, the author was essentially curious about the allure of Jimmy Page's personality and the aura he has, despite seeming to be so mild mannered. Initially I laughed, but realized that Page really is perhaps the most interesting character of the band. Often when I read about Zep and dive into the legends surrounding them, Page's antics are what make me so curious. I mean his obsession with Crowley and the occult, Boleskine house, coupled with the fact that he barely talks but seems very likeable, really is what
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