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  1. It's tricky to say that...Black Sabbath is considered to be the first Heavy Metal Band...
  2. Agree with you. Slayer is trash metal, but trash metal itself comes from the early heavy metal ( and here I'm thinking about Black Sabbath) so I think all the trash could be considered heavy to some point. So there are genres and sub-genres.
  3. Hmm, from my POV AC/DC is pure hard rock/rock'n roll/blues. And Thin Lizzy is nice, but not for the Top 10.
  4. Venom had a great influence for many other bands to come (black,doom). But again, the list could be different. Cheers!
  5. In my opinion Eddie's guitar riffs and Roth's voice are sooo heavy metal. But...I might be wrong
  6. Check out Guitar Optics's Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums! Enjoy!
  7. Hi! Check out my new PRS 30th Anniversary Floyd Custom 24 – Trampas Green guitar review! What do you think about this model? Please share your thoughts about it! Thanks!
  8. Check out my new shred guitar review! It's a Dean Dimebag Stealth Floyd FM – Dime Slime! Love the color, love the feeling, love the riff sound! Really amazing one! What do you think about this great model? Cheers guys!
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