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  1. Super long shot here...my white whale of my life is a 2004 REM Ryman Poster that I've looked for since...well...October of 2004. That concert has some sentimental value for my wife (girlfriend at the time) and me but we were unable to score a poster that evening.  I've been looking for it ever since.  I thought I had won it on eBay a few months ago for a bid of $230 but ended up getting sniped at the last moment...went for $231. :(

    It looks like you haven't seen this site in YEARS but in the hopes that these messages get forwarded to your email or something...and if you still have the poster....and if you'd be willing to sell it...I'd love to make you an offer as the gentleman that won the last poster for $231 is trying to gouge me for $800...I just don't have that kind of money unfortunately.  Anyways, give me a shout if you see this at youarethegovt@gmail.com.   Thanks for your time.

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