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  1. russellhammond

    Heartbreaker guitar solo

    That's some really great playing man, I think I might have watched your video of no quarter before to work out the live solo for my band, you play it a lot better than me though! I think it's time a went a bit deeper into that solo...seeming as your an accomplished page player have got any idea on what he's doing at the very end of Moby dick (how the west was one)? I keep working out little bits and bobs but it doesn't seem to stick to diotonic notes....almost like an Indian thing he's picked up on his travels... He does a variation on almost every live ending to MD. it's driving me mad!
  2. russellhammond

    Hello all

    Hello all, I'm Adam but go by Russell on the Internet...(almost famous) I'm obsessed with Zeppelin and Jimmy in particular. I play in a Zeppelin tribute in the south of England as Jimmy. I'm a guitar builder too and plan on building a exact copy of a 59 les Paul just like jimmys this year so I'll try and get some photos of the build up as I'm sure there's some guitar geeks on here As for guitar playing I just can't quite nail that Page sound so if anyone ever has any tips please to say, I'm devoted to cracking the all so allusive page sound, in both technic and tone. Russell
  3. russellhammond

    Heartbreaker guitar solo

    Great tone for a new(ish) Marshall! I've got my eye on the Royal MSG to really nail the live tone
  4. Hi all, I trying to nail the live ending to moby dick (how the west was won) on guitar but it's like no scale nor logic I can find or see, have I missed something glaringly obvious? Is there t some known thing on drop D? thanks very much, Russell
  5. russellhammond

    Heartbreaker guitar solo

    Nice, what's the amp?