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  1. Hello all. I was hoping the community might be able to identify a sound for me. It is something present in many recordings of all sorts of things before, but there are too many factors to determine what it is except on a case-by-case basis. So I'm sure you've all heard it, obviously it's an excellent recording and an excellent show. But what I want to know about is this sound very close to the top of human hearing threshold, and it sounds almost like "air" or a "sound of silence", except it possesses an unpleasant pressure. I have taken some screen shots and will upload, so you can see wh
  2. ZepPhan-WR thank you i have merely one clarification if you'd be so kind: when you say Eddie did the vinyl transfer of BadgeHolders, are you talking about the same release as pluribus? Tarantura's "Three Hours Of Lunacy"? I'm just trying to clarify if you are talking about that version, or if you mean that like the original release of BadgeHolders, like whatever the first bootleg was? OK look actually let me make this even simpler: i'm going to list the rips of this show i possess, and if anyone knows for a fact that one of them is the eddie transfer, please pipe in. i normally wouldn't
  3. What is the vinyl source, then? because i'm fairly certain it's not what the post above yours mentions; that is a vinyl from something called Dragonfly, i have found zero information linking eddie to that source, i WOULD HAVE found info linking eddie to that source were it so, i have both that dadgad remaster and the original and artwork came with it and i sure as heck dont see "eddie edwards" or "trampled underfoot" anywhere on it, and in any case a remaster of anything wouldnt be low-gen. what is the vinyl source you are mentioning, pluribus? Because so far as I can tell, "For Badgeholders O
  4. Hello all. I was wondering if anyone had specific I.D. information about the Eddie Edwards source which was originally combined with mike millard's tapes. the most information i've been able to garner about it is the following: ""Eddie Edwards "Trampled Underfoot" 1st Gen cassette of vinyl transfer"". Now, granted, I have yet to scour the earth for it, but I have put quite a spot of time into my search now and so far as I can tell, either this source completely no longer exists, or I'm doing a really bad job of dissecting the semantics of that sentence, which came from a description in the Win
  5. btw just in case i need to point out the obvious, in 2016 we are at a technological point when every single last piece of hardware used for DAT transfer is obsolete. I can tell you from having worked in a place specializing in DAT repair exactly how rarely a DAT deck actually passed through our hands, they truly are on the verge of never being seen again. google if you don't believe me; there are literally entire businesses who just transfer DAT for people, that's how rare it's become, and it's only going to get more rare. CDs are long obsolete, and it's becoming difficult to even find a compu
  6. i want to ask "but just why deprive us then, even if not all SBDs and follow same format, why keep complete shows from us?" but i cant, because something about all this really doesnt add up. 1) i am listening to Lord Of The Strings right now, the 30th. listen to No Quarter. you cant seriously tell me there's anything accidental about how the AUD edit starts EXACTLY at that rockin part and also EXACTLY when it ends. just, why? you cant possibly tell me it's because of: 2) copyright. it's not like "if you leave an edit in there you can't be sued". every last one of these SBDs are in v
  7. Hi. This is my first post on this forum. You guys seem like a pretty laid back bunch; this and enough web prominence as a Led Zep site is what I needed to say/ask whats on my mind. If I don't come across as a very "warm" person I assure you it is only in my attempt to remain succinct, and I don't want to ruffle any feathers. This being said, I my post must be preambled with the following information: 1) i am 33, and i state my age so that it is known i am aware there are many users here who were at many of these shows; between that and having used to work for a music-tech shop that specia
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