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  1. Nice. Has soul, articulate lead, tight band, fresh arrangement. He does good stuff. I've seen several of his shows over the past 30 years and have never been disappointed. Don't expect lazers or a solo with a bow, though.
  2. I agree. The work really does sound genuine to me too... like you would expect from a couple of musicians who each do the work primarily for the artistic gratification of it. It's definitely worth some listening time. The marketing around the work, the packaging, may or may not be "contrived" in a way that may or may not have anything to do Alison's affinity for male rock singers. No way to really know, I suppose. All I know is that the pic on the back of the CD cover makes me think that the partnership between these two personalities has a certain commercial appeal.....especially to me
  3. Alison does alot of traditional Bluegrass without drums, but she does often venture into the less traditional use of drums as well, both live and in the studio. Incidentally, she's well known to be a fan of 1970s Rock music. When I saw her in Rochester a few years ago, she gushed about how she was smitten with Lou Gramm when she was a kid. It might be a bit of calculated marketing, but look at the photo on the back of the Raising Sand CD and see if she doesn't look like she's thrilled to be, eh, partnering with Plant. ....not that she's been needing any boosting given her level of popu
  4. I think that the "purist" question is interesting. Clapton certainly has payed effusive homage to the Blues originals who influenced him. Maybe it's partly a consequence of his paying such respect to them that those Bluesmen who are still alive and walking seem to enjoy sharing the stage with him. That... and also the fact that many seem to think that he has some soulful chops. I'm trying to remember from his book whether he actually called himself a "purist." I'll have to check that. I do remember that he cited some type of "purist" sentiment as the reason he left The Yardbirds when t
  5. Hey, a guy who has history with the likes of Patti Boyd and Lori Del Santo isn't likely to get too worked up about what the teenie-boppers are wearing.
  6. Karaoke! Too funny! According to one review, he WAS using a teleprompter (not that there's anything wrong with that): http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/music/gig-23...ni/gigReview.do
  7. Love this pic! I think it captures just what the gig must have meant to these guys. ....Hey does anyone know what that piece of gear is between Plant's two monitors at the front of the stage? Is that a teleprompter??!!
  8. I had the opportunity to see the 6th and last night at Madison Square Garden. Blew me away. Loved the acoustic set. During the encore, someone threw some kind of ash-can or M80 onto the stage. It really pissed off Plant. Didn't see how close it got to Page, but immediately after that thing went off, Page held his wrist in pain for a minute. They played one more number (I forget which one) and walked off.
  9. I don't have pics, but I was at that show and would love to see pics! Does anyone remember the incident with the firecracker at that show (I think it was a ash can, actually)?
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