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  1. Wasn't the box set already remastered in the first place???
  2. Just got my copy today.. Looks great and sounds great.. I love love the Celebration Day and Over The Hills and Far Away clips.. Anyone find any easter eggs on the disc??
  3. I wasnt at the show but from watching the vids and hearing some audio, he did well.. Was it his best guitar work? Probably not.. You can't expect anything spectacular at a "one off" show, even with all the rehearsing prior.. I say that things will loosen up once they hit the road, and play on a nightly basis... Thats when everything will get dialed in. And YES they ARE hitting the road..
  4. Ordered mine on Bestbuy.com and it showed today that it had been shipped.. Hopefully i'll get it by Monday or Tuesday. From what i understand whatever copies made it to retailers are the only ones available.. All remaining copies that distributors still have are being held at the distributor for some reason. Anyone have any initial thoughts of the DVD? How's it look/sound?
  5. Tears of joy all the way to the bank when they lock up a tour for 2008
  6. Anyone seen any videos of Robert crying in between songs?? I was listening to Sirius Satellite Radio this morning and one of the DJ's made a reference to the fact that he saw a video of that happening.. Anyone else hear about this?
  7. Nobodys Fault didnt sound right to me.. But if getting them onstage means they gotta change things up a bit, then go for it.. As long as they keep playing.
  8. The worst part about that is 1PM is my busiest time of the day at work, and i am usually far from a computer at that time.. I won't be able to check the web for updates till after i get home from work
  9. If the show starts at 7:30PM then how long do you think each opening act could play? 2 or 3 songs??
  10. Exactly.. Hey i tried looking.. I found out after looking for 5 minutes to no avail that i wanted those 5 minutes of my life back. So i started a new thread that "may" have been a topic already .. Big fuckin deal
  11. Thanks. My initial reaction was why would they go ahead and have all of this up on their site if they are not gonna do a tour? They could have easily done these site updates when How The West Was Won got released. But back then the speculation about a tour wasn't as rampant as it is now. With all the press/publicity they are getting, i'm pretty much convinced there will be a tour to follow..
  12. Whoa whoa whoa.. Calm down there tiger.. This isnt the Bad Religion message board.
  13. When this site got launched and included the sale of merchandise, and the ability to discuss topics on a "official" message board, did it ever cross your mind that they (Led Zeppelin) have in fact have a possible new album and tour lined up ready to go??
  14. Is No Quarter in Drop D as well??
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