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  1. Well if you have an accent people surely will mishear something. Trust me I've misheard plenty of Brits singing. Take this Zep lyric I misheard "Baby, pretty baby, love me like the window". Yes, I misheard Black Dog so badly. The real lyrics are "Baby, pretty baby, tell me what you do me now"
  2. I had another dream about 2 nights ago. I was in my backyard and then Robert opened the door. He looked like he did in '77 and told me good morning. He closed the door and opened it again and said I might as well come out. I went behind the bushes with him in my house and I told him I fake my accent. Then my dream ended right then because I woke up for no reason. I wish I have another dream with him in it. His hair was wonderful.
  3. So I had this one dream that I was in this weird house in London with beige walls and baseboard that wasn't painted. There was wood on the top about a foot (30 cm) tall (it was sideways) and in the corners all the way to the ceiling. Jimmy, Robert and JPJ came in and they looked like they do today. I was with my mom. I asked Jimmy for his autograph and he gave me it. My mom wondered how I knew who was who. Then I asked Robert for his and I rambled on about how Whole Lotta Love had been stuck in my head for a year. Then I asked JPJ for his and I got their autographs. Then the non-zep part of the dream happens and I wrote that part down. I was disappointed when I woke up and remembered the dream when I listened to.....you guessed it Whole Lotta Love.
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