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  1. One thing that separated Jimmy and the band from the rest of the music/artists of the time was the kundalini energy in my view. I mean, it was flowing in a number of musicians/bands or at least it was being referred to but I believe Jimmy had it running up his legs. I can tell by the way he was breathing while he played and also the 'raising" of tension and releasing in the music. The symbols and occult connection was unmistakably designed for the release of energy. I don't see that Zeppelin was just entertaining but working or being 'worked' by some very serious magick. I think they reopened
  2. Hello, my name is Zzenn and I have been a fan of the 'current of Zep' since around the age of 10, I'm now 52. My spiritual journey became strangely entwined with Zeppelin, specifically with the song "Stairway to Heaven." I published a book on the crazy synchronicities I experienced which culminated in a full kundalini release while listening to 'Stairway'. This lasted 5 weeks, bringing me through some very very odd experiences with the lyrics of that song. I wonder if anyone has had experiences along the same lines. The release happened the weekend of the fire in Sedona AZ where their were rin
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