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  1. One thing that separated Jimmy and the band from the rest of the music/artists of the time was the kundalini energy in my view. I mean, it was flowing in a number of musicians/bands or at least it was being referred to but I believe Jimmy had it running up his legs. I can tell by the way he was breathing while he played and also the 'raising" of tension and releasing in the music. The symbols and occult connection was unmistakably designed for the release of energy. I don't see that Zeppelin was just entertaining but working or being 'worked' by some very serious magick. I think they reopened the doors to an ancient world that had been shut down within the human bio-imagination . . . I'm talking on a cellular bio-spiritual level. I think the druidic osund ripped open the gates of the natural/mystical world that had been shut by the church (suppression of the psycho-emotional energy in humans). This may sound "out there' esoteric to some but for anyone who has survived the insanity of a Kundalini release from the current of Zeppelin (Spare, Crowley) I'm sure they would get what I'm pointing to. The occult force of Kundalini energy is nothing to mess with so any musician who has it activated is most definitely NOT merely entertaining. When Bonham died and Plant's son died and things fell apart, I believe the current had been released and their job was done. I also believe there's more coming in another form . . . If pressed I'd say the film "The Song Remains the Same" of that New York concert was the peak of their transmission to humanity. I may be wrong about ALL of this but its my sense over 30 some years of involvement. Zeppelin was a real occult band all the way through, not anything like the desperate wanna-be's who craved their glory after the fact. The heavy metal movement after Zep I thought was a joke compared to them. No one has yet touched the current of magick that made Zep. But I would also say that different original amazing artists have graced our ears since then that had their own true magic. Nemophilist . . Thanks for your thoughts on the esoteric and music. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a full Kundalini release with the song or even a partial one. What happened to me and the synchronicity around the experience must of happened to someone somewhere. I mean, I would be shocked if I was the only one, as unbelievable as the story is (which almost cost me my sanity) I assume there must be others who got the transmission. Just putting it out there.
  2. Hello, my name is Zzenn and I have been a fan of the 'current of Zep' since around the age of 10, I'm now 52. My spiritual journey became strangely entwined with Zeppelin, specifically with the song "Stairway to Heaven." I published a book on the crazy synchronicities I experienced which culminated in a full kundalini release while listening to 'Stairway'. This lasted 5 weeks, bringing me through some very very odd experiences with the lyrics of that song. I wonder if anyone has had experiences along the same lines. The release happened the weekend of the fire in Sedona AZ where their were rings of smoke through the trees and the stores were all closed to name a few strange coincidences. The timing of the whole thing was so extreme that I had to write a book on it. It seems to me that the 'essence' of the current of Zep was always about magick and activating the kundalini in humanity . . . so, I got the pearl and many other secrets. I hope this topic is of some interest.
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