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Алим Шаваев

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    Художник - вышивальщик. http://alimshavaev.ru

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  1. Thank you! Please tell me about my work! My site http://alimshavaev.ru
  2. Good afternoon. My name is Alim. I am an artist - embroiderer. http://alimshavaev.ru Born on 21. 07. 1984 in Nalchik. I have been drawing since childhood. After 9th grade House said, act in Nalchik College of Design. And there I was in the 15-16 years for the first time heard from classmates Led Zeppelin. I liked the name immediately. I did not know the translation, but something prompted me that's worth hearing! And we have a tape of the house was not only TV and radio. Almost all the students in the first year were cassette players, and I'm going scholarship and bought a cassette player. I did not know how to put music to listen to, but when I heard Led Zeppelin - it bought the first book on audio cassette. I also wanted to play. Classmates created their music, the band and asked the headmistress College of Design to allocate us a room where you can rehearse. In the basement under the College of Design we have put in order as we could. That was great! The boys believed in the music and wanted to play, create, and I also had a great desire to learn to play the guitar. After college, everyone left. I felt an urge to buy the electric guitar, found a job in the computer room administrator, earned and bought. I love, and now that be to strum and sing. After college I started a lot of memory to draw the portraits of John Bonham in pencil with the TV. And portraits of Led Zeppelin. As he found the house floss strings, and decided to hand-embroidered on a black winter hat, inscription Led Zeppelin (I do not remember what happened to this cap? It's a pity not preserved) And somewhere at 22, I decided to hand-embroidered on the shirt portrait of Angelina Jolie. It was very not usually interesting. If the pencil I was drawing every detail, and as a result, people said - this photo! It turns out simple - copy. His is not there. What to manual embroidery, already I express themselves! I do what I feel, not without imitating anyone. Just draw a thread. I'm self-taught. You do not need to finish something, to do something good! It should be the desire to be born with it! I taught the whole group Led Zeppelin. 27. 07. 2011 at a concert in St. Petersburg presented the singer Robert Plant shirt on which I myself, hand embroidered. Transferred or not, it remains unknown! It's a shame I am almost two months hand-embroidered.
  3. Меня очень вдохновила группа Led Zeppelin. 27.07.2011 на концерте в Питере подарил вокалисту Роберту Планту ( англ. Robert Plant ) рубашку, на которой я сам, вручную вышил. Передали или нет, остаётся не известным! Обидно я почти два месяца вручную вышивал.











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