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  1. Actually I'm an epileptic - I shouldn't exercise too much. I don't need any vitamines. I take many drugs at all.
  2. "Stairway to heaven" is a masterpiece. However my favourite is "Black dog"
  3. There are many bands I have listened to for years and I don't even think about them now. The most important thing is the fact I used to be a huge fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers ( ). It doesn't mean it was my favourite band of course. The RHCP is just a band what I liked very much and stopped. I loved every song, every part of lyrics, every note. Someday I realized this music is little shitty
  4. Green Day, Limp Bizkit, KoRn, POD, Nickelback, Coldplay, Panic! At The Disco... There are many badns I can list but if I have to choose one - Tokio Hotel. Have you ever heard about it? It's a German band very popular among German emo children.
  5. Raising sand of Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. It's really touching and romantic album. I really like it
  6. POLAND Any Zep's fans from Poland wanted!
  7. Kashmir is one of my favourite songs so I agree with positive opinions about that. I've heard 'Kashmir' is favourite song of the board too. I like 'Kashmir' 'cause it hasn't become commercial as for example 'Stairway to heaven'. IMHO this's a masterpiece. I can't imagine LZ without 'Kashmir'. I hope to hear it live someday
  8. I'd like to also wish Merry Chrismas for everyone. For those who don't celebrate Christmas I'd like to wish happy New Year and lots of fun on New Years's Eve. I hope everyone is goning to entertain with Led Zeppelin's songs in the background BTW Someone says that we couldn't wish MC 'cause not everone celebrate western holidays. Well, Christianity has roots in the Middle East Have nice time anyway.
  9. I read an interview with Robert Plant few weeks ago. He didn't remember what inspired them to write 'Stairway to heaven' but now he knows that they write it for Dolly Parton. I totally aree with him
  10. I'm not a huge fan of Foo Fighters but I agree that only them and QotSA can play true rock'n'roll nowadays. Other bands become now only boysbands. That sad what has left after rock'n'roll. Anyway, I like Dave Grohl and I disagree that his plays are just comedys. It's called an art I've heard on BBC Dave had been chosen one of 10 best drummers of the world. Of course Bonzo has win. Does anybody remember that JPJ has played on FF's CD? But (I'm sorry) I can't remember on which
  11. Actually, I didn't get a chance to see every vid on YouTube but I saw some of them and I'm totally impressed and excited. Those few excerts are enough for me to sense climate of this gig As all of you I'm looking forward to getting DVD with this concert. I hope they are able to release it at the beginning of next year. I can't wait any month longer. DVD is only way to see Zeppelin playing life together 'couse they will never come to my country (if they start a tour, of course). I know it for sure. Well, Plant & Page have played few gigs here (even for free!) but I was too young then.
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