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  1. For Your Life was definitely tight at O2 (as were most of the songs, but FYL was noticeably so). And by that I mean tight like at literally no other time before. In the early years ('68-'72) they were playfully tight whereas in 2007 it was "OK, tonight we have a legacy to prove; we're going to be professionally tight". People lived entire lives in the roughly 35 years between O2 and the '73 UK tour (what I consider maybe the last of the early tight era). Kudos to the band for shaking off their inner demons and digging deep to rediscover the magic after so much time!
  2. I'll admit that "For Your Life" has never even been in my top 50 LZ songs, before or after the O2 show, and when I watch the O2 show live I'm still not that swayed by it. Indeed when I first saw the set-list for O2 it was For Your Life in particular I was down on, given the many other songs I would've rather seen them play at the reunion. But listening to Celebration Day several times recently without the visuals, I've formed a different opinion about the show in general, and that song in particular. I think they steadily built up steam & cohesiveness through the first half-dozen songs (hitting For Your Life spot-on), and then hit the peak at "Trampled Under Foot", "Nobody's Fault But Mine", and especially "No Quarter". The lads absolutely killed those 3 consecutive songs. Then I think the show slowed down, and had lost some of its energy by the time they launched into "Stairway". That's understandable, considering they aren't 27 any longer! The one song I wish they'd brought out in public for the first time was, and has always been, in my Led Zeppelin Top 5: "The Rover". Easily the most underrated song in the LZ catalog, and Jason Bonham's playing that night would've done it great justice. Yes, I know they played it sloppy-but-loose at sound checks like Chicago '75, and its intro was used to transition into "Sick Again" on the '77 tour, but they never played it sober. Given how tight they played the night of the O2 show that song would've slayed. Back to the subject: as of my latest O2 listenings I have changed the object of my set-list replacement fantasy: For Your Life can stay, and The Rover replaces "Misty Mountain Hop". That way we have "Song Remains the Same" into The Rover and then straight into "Kashmir", a killer back end of the set leading to the encores.
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