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  1. HI - I tried youtube first but it wouldn't let me do it as it is not a video....
  2. Thanks. Do you know if these edits exist on any non-bootleg material? They’re not like this on the complete BBC sessions release... they don’t have so much talking or clapping. Thanks
  3. I've done the savvy thing.. here are a couple of clips now...
  4. He might be right but it would be fun to post it.. any tips?
  5. Here we are - a couple of clips.. tried to get a bit of talking on both and the odd reverb on Stairway to Heaven - hope this is of some interest.. Drat! Just tried and it won't let me attach an audio file! Any ideas anyone? Do I have to get an account with someone I will never use again?
  6. Were they recorded by devices at the show or were they studio recordings? Thanks
  7. Righto - I will do a bit of editing (It's one mega-file at the moment!) and upload the clips.. that'll be the teller - hopefully! Thanks
  8. HI - No sorry what I meant was these versions of the songs weren't released for many years. They were recorded live for a John peel session in the case of two of them. They then appeared on The Complete BBC Sessions in 2016, however these versions as I said are not edited the same, they include Robert Plant introducing the songs 'Here's a little something off our 4th album' and other rambles rather then just beginning at the beginning of the track, also it is a mix that didn't make it though to the final one as the reverb is being messed about with at the beginning of Robert's vocal track on Stairway to Heaven that is not present or is reduced on the released 2016 version. This is on Robert's vocals only so has not been applied globally by a live hacker transcribing the disc at some stage later. This is a recording of a mix of a released song that has been transcribed to disc in the middle of mixing or similar.
  9. They were actually unreleased for many years after this was made.. would it help if I uploaded a couple of clips?
  10. Any actual graphologists out there worth their salt care to interject here? We are at risk of drifting off on a tangent!
  11. That is not true - it is clearly different, look at the 'E's. One writes the E with either one vertical line in a curve or two max, leaving only either one or two horizontals to add - the other one vertical and three horizontal lines every time. That is a fundamental difference and there are a few others. Thanks
  12. Also of course these are not the same writing. The photo where the writing is in red is by another hand.
  13. That may be so however the Beatles reference supposes that the tracks are just copies of those already released, this contains wider edits than those that made it to the BBC published recordings of these tracks. And some different (or unmixed) mixing. I can provide clips of some of the bits that haven't made it onto the complete BBC sessions or the Acetate Masters... Also what you see above (the Beatles reference) is just an opinion, on the Moody Blues forum someone confirmed that the IBC discs of this type were made as one-offs for producers and engineers to test mixes. What seems to make the difference is whether or not they are the same as the album or released tracks or if they were different edits or mixes. These are different. See here: https://991.com/Buy/ProductInformation.aspx?StockNumber=574641&PrinterFriendly=1 and here: http://www.themoodyblues.co.uk/acetates.htm check the picture of the IBC disc with 'A DB DISC' written on it then scroll down to point 2 in the 'What are acetates?' section I have now read around quite a lot here and recorded the file into the computer - (which has only served to enhance any noise and the record sounds better at the moment ) - but I don't want to play the record any more than necessary, I have heard they wear quickly - so I will edit the sound file and upload some clips. I am now convinced because of Robert Plant's banter, the different tape pitch of one of the tracks and the overall sound which is much clearer and studio-like then the BBC sessions which is heavily edited and de-noised, that this is a studio test run of rejected mixes - hence the screwed up reverb on 'Stairway To Heaven' amongst other things....
  14. Hi. I have checked and the three tracks are exactly the same as the BBC sessions, I checked evert note! just different mixes or editing and not cropped down as much as the released versions. Definitely a studio sound. Dead clear apart from the crackes, no way recorded by a device at a venue
  15. Sorry I should have added - they are three live tracks, two from the Paris Theatre in 1971 and then White Summer from the Playhouse Theatre in 1969
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