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  1. Ahh - it's ok.. I was thinking I could lend it to you to give a quick spin to compare it.. if you were to pay the postage. It's a bit prohibitive being so far away.. It is ultimately going up for sale with all the others but a play or two won't devalue it any!
  2. HI Stuevts Have you seen a copy like this before then? I can't find it on Discogs or anywhere.. I would like to be able to describe it better to people.. best offer so far is a 4th press though it doesn't match any I have seen... I would possibly be able to have a listen and see how it compares with other pressings if I know what I am listening for. I haven't got the best system set up at the moment.. the Pink Triangle is in lockdown in the South with Arthur Khoubessarian.. so I am left with the Technics..!
  3. Oh yes - and mine has no Stirling either - I should have said.. it is just A1/B1 Porky/Pecko and no more, with a Warner logo on the labels and no 'Made in UK'.. no Strawberry, No Mary, No Sterling, No W-3 and no W-4 and no 'Made In UK'... The 4th pressings I have seen all have 'Made In UK' I am not sure where to go with this - what to describe it as.. it it unique? Transitional maybe? If this is a rare or unique copy then does anybody keep any record of these who would be interested? Or is there just Discogs? (not decrying Discogs here of course..) I can not find any A side anyw
  4. HI - Many thanks, it probably is a version of the fourth pressing based on what you say. I did put the search 'Houses Of The Holy' into Discogs with 'Pecko' selected in the advanced search and there are four results. One is very close but mine does not actually match any of them.. it has not got W-3 or W-4 on it. when compared to the closest match, so it must be a variation of the four listed. I will pitch it as a fourth press and will sell it as I have maybe three of these in stock and also have one in my own collection. I do appreciate the help and if you find or think of anything else then
  5. HI everyone.. I haven't been on here for a while. I was just having a look through the threads to see if I can find out a bit more info about a copy of Houses of the Holy that I have here. I am sure the answer is simple however having scoured Discogs I just can't find an exact match for this copy... It does NOT have 'Made in UK' on the labels It does NOT have W3 o the matrices It Does have A1/B1 Matrices It does have a Warner logo It does have Porky/Pecko Hope you can help here.. this one is not on Discogs and I just don't know where else to look
  6. HI - I tried youtube first but it wouldn't let me do it as it is not a video....
  7. Thanks. Do you know if these edits exist on any non-bootleg material? They’re not like this on the complete BBC sessions release... they don’t have so much talking or clapping. Thanks
  8. I've done the savvy thing.. here are a couple of clips now...
  9. He might be right but it would be fun to post it.. any tips?
  10. Here we are - a couple of clips.. tried to get a bit of talking on both and the odd reverb on Stairway to Heaven - hope this is of some interest.. Drat! Just tried and it won't let me attach an audio file! Any ideas anyone? Do I have to get an account with someone I will never use again?
  11. Were they recorded by devices at the show or were they studio recordings? Thanks
  12. Righto - I will do a bit of editing (It's one mega-file at the moment!) and upload the clips.. that'll be the teller - hopefully! Thanks
  13. HI - No sorry what I meant was these versions of the songs weren't released for many years. They were recorded live for a John peel session in the case of two of them. They then appeared on The Complete BBC Sessions in 2016, however these versions as I said are not edited the same, they include Robert Plant introducing the songs 'Here's a little something off our 4th album' and other rambles rather then just beginning at the beginning of the track, also it is a mix that didn't make it though to the final one as the reverb is being messed about with at the beginning of Robert's vocal track on S
  14. They were actually unreleased for many years after this was made.. would it help if I uploaded a couple of clips?
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