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  1. Let’s face it folks. He’s done!!! We all hear rumours (including me) but in fact we only get disappointing swag. Enjoy the original stuff and leave it. I just wish JP would shut up and not promise anything 

  2. As a medical doctor, I have looked at recent video of JP . I see no evidence of Ostro or rheumatoid arthritis!! I don’t buy the arthritis rumour. As for us Hoping he could play like 30-50 years ago,  It’s wishful thinking. As was said above, we all age and lose hand eye coordination. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t perform meaningfully tho IMO.

  3. Nemophilist- I think we are saying the same thing.  You need to be hungry to write and record music— either financially or creatively. I’m convinced he has some OCD and mild Tourette’s traits— I am an MD and have noticed this in his interviews. Many people with these traits are extremely successful but can be paralyzed by perfectionism

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