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  1. On 6/25/2018 at 9:14 PM, gibsonfan159 said:

    Yes. I don't think 6/22 is as good overall as people say it is, and the last two shows are kinda blah.

    June 27  is  a bit rough and they are pretty tired  . The 26th is. An above average show for 77 but it's just a good solid show with nothing that really stands out. Bonham is a little lack luster on the 25th  but jimmy and Robert are on . I do think the 22nd  is a better show then the 25th . I don't know if it's better then the 23rd or 21st but it's at least on par with them . You can find performance from the 22nd that top ones from the 22st and 23rd . It has the best version  of over the hills and far way of 77 as well as the  best imtod of 77.  In terms of pages guitar playing and plants vocals it's hard to find better performances from 77. No quarter has a killer solo from page . The  22nd  has one of the most powerful Kashmirs of 77 . Since I've been loving you is stellar as well.  It's really hard to say how good the show really is  because of the recording quality .   Each of the first 3  shows In l.a have moments that top the other two . It definitely  beats shows like the landover run Houston and fort worth  . Houston is not near as bad as some make it out to be  but I still find it  to be  pretty  dull.

  2. On 6/25/2018 at 6:37 PM, confounded_bridge said:

    Hi  everyone. I've  been  reading  this  forum  for  a  long  time  and  i  recently  created  an  account. I  enjoy  all  the  twelve  years  of  music  that  Led  Zeppelin  gave  to  us, and  i  am  a  huge  fan  of  the  1977  tour. I  see  that  the  77  tour  gets  slammed  by  some  waterheads  here  and  there, without  a  reason. I  decided  to  rank  all  the  77  shows, to  prove  that  most  of  them  are  good. THE  ORDER  IS  RANDOM. I  included  only  the  shows  that  we  have  recordings  for.



    Tempe  Arizona, July  20  1977

    Oklahoma  city, April  3  1977  (the  band  is  unrehearsed)

    Chicago, April  6  1977  (the  band  is  unrehearsed)

    Chicago, April  7  1977  (the  band  still  sounds  a  little  bit  rusty)

    Landover   Maryland,  May  26  1977  (IMTOD  and  Kashmir  are  trainwrecks)



    Houston  TX, May  21  1977  (good  performance)

    Fort  worth  TX, May  22  1977  (good  performance)

    Landover, May  25  and  28  1977  (mediocre  to  good)

    Cleveland, April  27  1977  (good)

    Chicago, April  9  1977  (good)

    Cincinatti, April  19  and  20  1977  (good)

    Atlanta, April  23  1977  (good)

    Kentucky, April  25  1977  (good)

    New  York, June  7  1977  (good)

    San  Diego, June  19  1977  (brilliant  playing  from  Jimmy, bad  playing  from  Bonzo)

    Seattle, July  17  1977  (good  show, but  shitty  SIBLY  and  Jimmy  is  lost  during  the  OTHAFA  solo)

    Oakland, July  23  1977  (good  show, but  Jimmy  completely  destroys  the  TYG  solo)

    Oakland, July  24  1977  (good)



    Chicago, April  10  1977  (very  good, the  only  bad  moment  is  the  first  TYG  solo, but  Jimmy  makes  up  with  the  second  solo)

    Cleveland, April  28  1977  (excellent  show, one  of  the  best  TYG, great  NQ, kashmir  and  ALS)

    Pontiac, April  30  1977  (excellent, Jimmy  plays  greatly)

    Birmingham, May  18  1977  (excellent)

    Landover, May  30  1977  (excellent)

    Tampa, June  3  1977  (it  started  excellent  and  powerful)

    New  York, June  8,10,11,13,14  1977  (excellent)

    Los  Angeles, June  21,22,23,25,26,27  1977  (epic, legendary  shows, with  the  22nd  being  my  favorite)


    I'd  like  to  hear  your  opinions  on  my  list.




    I agree with almost all of it  except  I  rank  the 2nd Oakland show  in the bottom tier .  I also think the  first 2 Chicago shows. Are pretty solid considering the lack of rehearsal  with the 2nd show being  a very good one   plants voice is in very strong shape in Chicago . I find the 7th to be a very strong and compact show from start to finish  and a big improvement over  the shows that came before it   since I've been loving you from the 6th and 7th  are great versions .  San Diego was a pretty wired show . Page and plant were in great form but Bonham was a train wreck . If Bonham had been on it would have been one off the best shows of 77. The aborted 3rd Chicago show was another bad one . Jimmy was on bad shape  and had to walk off after  the first few numbers and cancel the rest of the show . I would count Seattle as  one of the worst of 77 as well. Plants voice is awful  and jimmy is a mess. I think even the first Chicago show is much better then srattle

  3. 18 minutes ago, paul carruthers said:

    #1 - Earl's Court 5/24...


    Also, some really great ones from the 79-80 years with the synths instead of the mellotron--might start with the first Copenhagen show...

    Really like the one from the 2nd knebworth show . Plant gives  what I think is his best  vocal for that song  post 73.  I really enjoy the 2nd knebworth show despite it being quite rough  instrumentally . Plant gives  a very strong vocal performance  from start to finish   I think it's one of his   best post 72

  4.  I really like the October 3rd  1972  version on japan .   Instrumentally there are better  versions but this one is my favorite simply because plant hits all  the high  notes  of the studio version .  I also really like. The one from  Seattle 73 when  jones as had to switch  to  piano  because the  melotron broke down   st Louis 75 is another one I really like .

  5. On 5/7/2018 at 10:31 PM, JohnOsbourne said:

    Have to disagree with the previous two posts about the '73 and first '75 SD show.  I've generally found the San Fran and LA shows in '73 to be overrated, I think SD is the best of the Cali bunch (a tad on the sloppy side by '73 standards, admittedly).  I've always really liked the first SD show in '75, it definitely gets overlooked.  You can sense throughout that the band is energized to be back on the West Coast, esp. after the lackluster Texas shows.  A caveat, I enjoy the gloomy, murky vibe from the audience recording, it's possible the show will be a disappointment when the soundboard comes out, akin to Landover.

    The 2nd SD show in '75 is indeed shit, except for the epic NQ.  The band really sounds like they woke up late that afternoon and realized they had a show that night, they sound completely unprepared.

    I have never been completely taken with San Diego 73  bonzos birthday  or kezar .  Kezar is a killer show in the second half  but the first half while great  is no more special than any other 73 shows .  Kezar and bonzos birthday  suffer slightly  from pages injured  hand.  Seems  pretty reserved and cautious  especially for the may 31st show his playing does  get more expressive  at kezar . I do however find the juse 3rd l.a show to be outstanding . Page plays so much better . He is not as sloppy and really seems to be going for it in his solos and plant  sounds very strong  as well.    Not a big fan  of fort worth 75 either  although the sound is nice. March 4 in Dallas starts out   very strong but they really seem to hit the wall early and the 2nd half is pretty lackluster with page very sloppy.   I really like the 2nd 75 Dallas show alot . It's no west coast  for sure  but it's a  very noticeable improvement over the previous 2 shows . It starts out a little sluggish on the first couple of songs but it really turns into a very solid show . It starts to pick up during over the hills and builds . Dazed and no quarter are  great 75 versions .  Imtod  and Kashmir are nice as well  and plant seems to be in much better voice than the previous 2 nights  though   the west coast shows are far better as well as the mid February new York area shows.  The 2 Nassau shows are by far my favorites from the first leg.

  6. On 5/7/2018 at 10:31 PM, JohnOsbourne said:

    Have to disagree with the previous two posts about the '73 and first '75 SD show.  I've generally found the San Fran and LA shows in '73 to be overrated, I think SD is the best of the Cali bunch (a tad on the sloppy side by '73 standards, admittedly).  I've always really liked the first SD show in '75, it definitely gets overlooked.  You can sense throughout that the band is energized to be back on the West Coast, esp. after the lackluster Texas shows.  A caveat, I enjoy the gloomy, murky vibe from the audience recording, it's possible the show will be a disappointment when the soundboard comes out, akin to Landover.

    The 2nd SD show in '75 is indeed shit, except for the epic NQ.  The band really sounds like they woke up late that afternoon and realized they had a show that night, they sound completely unprepared.

    That first San Diego in 75 was a great show.  They really raised the bar on the west coast . The 2nd San Diego show  is the oddball of the bunch   it's just not on the level of the other west coast shows    I also find the first long beach show to be much better than It gets credit for .  Page and plant both sound excellent for the first sd show.

  7. On 3/21/2018 at 11:18 AM, LedElvis75 said:


    I'd never ask for another Zep recording again if we got these two.  IS from 6/15 is some of the nastiest, raunchiest playing from Jimmy's entire career.  And the D&C is just bone crushing.

    I think the 72 Nassau shows are better than the 72 California shows. The hwww shows are killer though . But I like  the Nassau and both Seattle shows better .

  8. On 6/7/2018 at 10:37 PM, JohnOsbourne said:

    Sorry, have to disagree. I'm a huge '73 aficionado (esp. July), but I've always found this show (and the '73 Cali shows in general) to be overrated.  It's definitely not as good as the Forum show the next night.  Which is not to say those aren't great shows (it's '73 after all), just that they're not as legendary as they're made out to be.  Still, Kezar does finish strong, amazing STH, great HB and encores.  

    I mostly agree with you're assessment .  Kezar is a great show but I have always found page quite sticky at this show and I have never found that plant sang near as well  as many claim. But I do find the second half of the show is top shelf especially heartbreaker plant sounds really strong on that one. I also could never really see the big attraction with bonzos birthday either. Again it's a great show  bit I don't find it legendary . Plant does not sound so hot and jimmy injured finger is hampering his playing . His solos are less expressive and adventurous .  I have always preferred the southern u.s shows from May 73 like mobile Houston and fort worth  but I will say I think the june 3rd forum show is amazing and deserves it's reputation and plants voice and pages playing  are far better then they were at kezar  and bonzos birthday .

  9. On 5/30/2018 at 8:42 PM, wordev1977 said:

    Thanks this is a great recording, it’s one of my favorite shows from the tour everyone sounds great including Plant hitting notes he hasn’t hit in years and Jimmy’s playing is phenomenal. IMO this is one of the best later days show.

    This show has a killer rock and roll  in which plant hits some crazy high notes .  Easily his best performance of that song  post June 72.  He sounds amazing on stairway too  hitting all the high notes in the heavy section  in a way he had not since  72. Page is killer at this show as well. I wonder what became of the board tape for this show. I like this show mich than frankfurt and Zurich.

  10. On 6/15/2018 at 12:20 PM, blindwillie127 said:

    Yes, but if that person who has it is rich they'd have no incentive to make money from it. I believe the person who supposedly has a copy (other than Page) was a major league baseball player (name escapes me) who's a huge Zeppelin fan. Also, didn't Grant say that they'd viewed the tape and then destroyed it because it looked/sounded  like shit? Of course, I don't believe they destroyed it , but it 'was' definitely (and probably still is) in Page's  possession. The Pontiac concert was a landmark show for them so I seriously doubt that they'd have burned it, or lost it along the way. Since they managed to hold on to Seattle then my guess is they have Pontiac as well,  lying around in the vault somewhere. I can't imagine it looking or sounding worse than Seattle, but you never know. The real shame is that the only pro-shot video we have of Zeppelin from 1977 is from their most anemic show of the tour...thats some shit luck right there..for them...and us.

    The sound on the footage would have just been from a patch to the sound board . So the soundtrack would have been the same mix being sent to the p a. So the film would have foh audio. The acoustics of the siverdome  and the size of the place would have made it hard to  get an foh mix that sounded good in the venue. So a recording of that mix may have sounded really  odd  and poorly balanced  the recording could have ended up  really overloaded sounding.

  11. No extra overhead mics on the drums. No extra bass drum Mic and no extra mics on page and Jones speaker cabinets  means that a multitrack is very unlikely. It could be done without extra mics. Why would they not use extra mics  in stoke but use them in Southampton . An extra set of studio grade recording mics was standard practice  for zeppelin  when  pro recording concerts. It was a superior method given the equipment of the time.  Page being a led wallet he would not want to take any chances that the recording would get messed and the money be lost .  So recording without the extra mics  was probably not acceptable by pages standards.

  12. On 12/11/2017 at 11:31 AM, LedElvis75 said:

    To me Bonham's drums sound just like they did the night before in Liverpool.  They sound good, but nothing like his drums sound on the 3/7/70 Montreux show we now have.  Now THAT one sounds like a direct mix-down from a multi-track to me. 

    I also think montruex 70 is more than a mere soundboard . I hear stereo separation on there that I have not heard on other zep board tapes. I could have been mixed in the same manner as the dead betty boards   separate feeds mixed down to a proper balanced with true stereo separation.  It's sounds far better then boards like Orlando hampton and Toronto . 

  13. What I would not give for soundboards from the back to the club's tour. Bbc and the audience tapes for Belfast and dublin are all we have  as great as the BBC show is it's no where near as intense and powerful  as the 2 Irish shows. A zeppelin live at the marquee would be unreal. Plants voice in Belfast and dublin is unbelievable. This tour would be the last one where plant would still have 100 percent full use of his upper range. By late August it would start to slip.  What's really impressive about the Irish shows is that they had not played live in 5 and half months and they picked up right where they left off 8n September 1970.

  14. I really like Milan  1971.  It's another  one of plants best vocals for that song. I love how the  tape distorts when plants let's that amazing scream rip after the solo . September 24 71 in Tokyo is another great one.  Belfast in March 71 is another blistering version and a tip shelf plant vocal. Manchester 71 is excellent  as well  with plant owning it vocally.  Melbourne  and Brisbane on the 72 Aussie tour are  2 great overlooked versions . Auckland new Zealand is one of my all time favorites as well  . Vocally all three of those are extremely powerfull  and are among the best plant  delivered on stage for that song. They are much more powerful than many of the 1971 versions and the Aussie tour is the last time plant was able to sing that song with that much range power and intensity.   Pages playing and tone  has a sound and vibe thst reminds me alot of the more raw versions from August and September of 1970.  Alot of poeple mention the june 19 72 version which is amazing  but i think the june 18th version is just as great and is my favorite from the 72 u s tour. It's another one that puts me in mind of the latter 1970 versions.

  15. On 1/24/2018 at 11:50 PM, bluecongo said:

    No love for Copenhagen 7/24/79?

    very unique version with a BLISTERING solo


    I love that version.  It's easily one of the best versions  they did post 75. All 4  1979 versions are killer.  Vocally I have always felt the 2nd  knebworth  version was one of plants best for that song lost 72. The Copenhagen versions were very unique  and never really played that way again   pages guitar playing on those versions was so much cleaner the. Any of the other post 73 versions. Easily pages best sounding guitar tone post 73.

  16. On 1/18/2018 at 12:01 AM, ZepHead315 said:

    I just discovered one version that hasn't been brought up yet, but deserves to be mentioned: Milwaukee 8/31/70. Page's solo is terrific and Plant...Jesus! He's hitting some of the highest notes I think I've ever heard him do. Just damn! :blink:


    This is probably the closest plant came to matching his vocals  on the studio version on terms of power and intensity . Vocally the studio version has never been topped. Milwaukee is insanely powerful vocally and the band plays great. I have always preferred the guktar tone on the 1970 versions to any other year. It's so much more full  and cleaner then any other year. It had a much more traditional  blues tone  to it in 1970 . There is a warmth and richness to the tone in 1970 which gave the song a darker sound and vibe. I really love  Vancouver and Memphis for the pre album versions. To me the pre album versions are  a completely different song. The mood is darker and more somber. I find them to have a soul influence that is not as evident on the post album versions   not better or worse just different. I do prefer plants vocals on the pre album versions though. It's deeper and richer. More bluesy and soulful. 1970 from start to finish is such an amazing year for plants voice. He sounds amazing almost every show

  17. On 6/17/2018 at 10:16 PM, blooze said:

    Maybe I'm wrong but isnt Chicago's reputation due more to Plant than Page? I remember thinking he played nicely then. From what I've heard, Jimmy's worst 73 show is Southampton.

    It baffles me why so many people cite Southampton as  their favorite 1973 show or as one of the best 1973 shows.  Page is sticky and sloppy . Plants voice is a mess  and the band sound tired  and uninspired.   Shows like  stoke  and Oxford are  killer . Even though the sound quality is bad  I think Dundee and Aberdeen slay  Southampton performance wise.. the band are on fire in Scotland and both page and plant are on much better form than Southampton.

  18. 1 hour ago, LedElvis75 said:

    72 Japan just might be my least favorite tour they ever did.  Just seem to lack the hunger from earlier tours and the energy/nastiness of later tours.

    I always felt they sounded a bit  under rehearsed in that tour and the new numbers from houses sounded a bit stiff. I actually prefer the December 72 shows from an instrumental stand point and especially the 73 Europe and u.s tours.

  19. He seemed to be going for a different approach in his playing in 73 and the sound of that kit seemed to suit the way he was playing and I agree that the band had a very cohesive sound in 73 that that fit together very well. Everyone's respective sound that year really complimented each other.  Their sound was really unique in 73. May 73 is one of my favorite periods and I loved plants raspy vocals. Raspy but not dry like it was in 75. Baltimore and providence have amazing and powerful vocals. Plants voice came a long way on the U.S. tour from what it was in the u.k and Europe.

  20. June 3rd would be the one I would like the most and in sure many others feel that way as well. There is a partial board tape for each of the 5 shows leading up to it even though some are only 25 minutes. With the final one third of shows like Houston Denver and kezar you would think the first two thirds would be out there somewhere.  I would love the first two thirds of Houston and the final portion of Fort worth as well as they are two of my favorite  73 shows and of course the rest of kezar and bonzos birthday. I would kill for July shows like providence and Baltimore as well but I have a soft spot for the may 73 shows especially the southern u.s leg . Big fan of the Texas run even Dallas. It starts out rough but the middle portion is awesome especially sibly no quarter and dazed so I would love to hear the heartbreaker whole lotta love portion.

  21. 1 hour ago, LedElvis75 said:

    LOVE the Moby Dick's from 1970.  July 19, 1970 in Berlin is one of my favorites.  So is the one from Boston.  Bonzo just had endless stamina and energy and could literally do anything he wanted. And the green sparkle kit just sounded so meaty and huge!  Probably my favorite Bonham kit.  Just sounded gorgeous.

    And Plant's voice... yeah.  I don't think any vocalist to this day has ever sounded so fucking impressive on stage.

    Yeah I always preferred Bonham on the green sparkle kit to any other.  The creme color kit was very nice sounding as well. I really love the stainless kit from 77 as well it gave him that huge sound that was very similar to his 70 to 72 sound . I have never been a bit fan of the transparent mid 70s kit he just did not sound as powerful on that kit. It sounded pretty nice on the 73 tour. But I really don't like how it sounded on the 75 tour. It just didn't reverberate as much and sounded dry and just too tight.

  22. On 6/4/2018 at 3:55 AM, zepster1979 said:

    I am not sure, I just said it would knock out 1972 tour as well.

    Plants voice had really declined to quite a degree between the 71 and 72 japan tours and the band is just not as powerful or tight on the 72 japan tour. They really seemed to lose a step between the 72 u s tour and japan. But they are still fantastic shows with many great highlights . There are some cuts where plant sounds amazing after he gets warmed up.  It's cool to hear him actually hit all the studio high notes on the song remains the same and rain song  sibly from October 2 and 3rd feature some amazing plant vocals. Probably the last time he ever sang it so well. But it seemed the band was starting to really loose their consistency on that tour . A stellar release could be made from those shows by cherry picking the highlights. Very interested in what this boxset may bring.

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