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  1. Yes, I believe he did and, I think, but someone please confirm, that it was the first song Jimmy played as a session man that went to number one on the UK chart in 1963.
  2. "Clawing each other's eyes out"? I can understand Robert being upset that Jimmy was showing up drunk, but what would Jimmy be upset with Robert about? That Robert was calling Jimmy out for his drunken behavior?
  3. I went with my son RSD hopping through 4 different stores and bought the 45, a used In Through the Out Door album, Jimmy's She Just Satisfies single, a Yardbirds cd and a DVD copy of Blow Up. Happy camper here. ☺
  4. HA! But remember, at one point Robert does say something like "You promised me there'd be no trick questions."
  5. I think it could be a lot of things; the rigors, strains and craziness of fame, the pain of seeing someone close to you, or realizing you, yourself are in a bad relationship, insecurity in your talents and worrying that the muse will leave you because someday it's "got to stop", and, of course, addiction. I lean more towards addiction because you're always looking for the next great high "but the girl don't come" plus the comment about hiding and not asking for help. In the end, you can only blame yourself for your own life choices. What does "dancing in the doldrums" mean? Putting on a
  6. I watched the interview. Plant looked really good and very relaxed; totally calm and comfortable. You could tell Rather and crew had done their homework and it was nice to see Robert's demeanor at ease instead of almost cringing, waiting for the next question.
  7. Still not a chance to watch it yet but looking forward to it.
  8. Hello all, Dan Rather recently interviewed Robert on his cable program on AXS TV (pronounced like 'access', axstv.com). I haven't been able to watch it yet but wanted to post the link (hopefully this works as I've never tried to post a link here before). http://www.axs.tv/originals/tbi-robertplant-full-episode/
  9. Hi IpMan, I saw Plant in his current tour also and I agree, his voice did sound very good but, overall, I felt the evening was lackluster. I'm not trying to argue with you, or anyone, just a different opinion. We all know Jimmy is the Keeper of All Things Led Zeppelin and would fight tooth and nail to preserve that well deserved legacy, as he should. We also know Robert doesn't want an all out re-do of Zep because he's been there, done that and has other vistas he wants to explore. He is content to incorporate a few LZ songs in his current lineups, as is his prerogative, but that's all.
  10. I would love to hear an acoustic album but not reworkings of Zeppelin but of original songs. Acoustic doesn't *have* to mean rocking chair music. I think it would be a marvelous challenge. The recording tech is better, they have so much more life experience now, they're all clean and sober (as far as i know?) so those issues won't come into play. Basically, they'd be creating a new band with different dynamics; they'd be moving forward, not rehashing their past. I know any time they've collaborated, its just as a "favor" or a "one off" thing on each other's projects but I've seen how they lo
  11. I agree with the last part of your post especially "Not every kick is a goal!" I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like to try to creatively match/exceed such a legacy.
  12. Ah, I gotcha now. That's what I get for trying to read through the forums after a long day. Thanks.
  13. Hi SteveAJones. Could you please clarify your statement? Thanks.
  14. Hello all, newbie to the forums but happy to be here. I saw Robert Plant in Chicago on 2/20 at the Riviera Theater. I'm curious if anyone else has seen him on this tour yet and their opinion. I must admit, I haven't been following his solo career too closely (the last time I saw him was ages ago when he was touring with Alanna Myles) and so had not experienced his current taste/style; I thought it best to go in with an open mind. I thought he looked very well with a good voice and his band sounded great. I must admit though, I felt it lacked something...warmth? Heart? I don't kn
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