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  1. Locarno1971

    I hate Zeppelin tribute bands

    Going to see tribute band Coda in Wardour Street on Oct 18. 50 years to the day since Zeppelins first performance in London. Looking forward to going with two of my sons - who weren’t even born when Zeppelin last performed. Would be great to dress up. Anyone got any ideas where I can get a “Jimmy Page jumper” - the one with his symbol on it..?
  2. Locarno1971


    Is there still a market for old Zeppelin bootlegs? I have a copy of Going to California (coloured disks). Just wondering if there is any interest in such items before I take it to the charity shop. Cheers.
  3. Locarno1971

    Locarno 1971

    Hi. I had heard Stairway to Heaven on the live radio broadcast a few months earlier. At that time I knew it was a very special song - seeing it performed in front of me was even more special. Rock and Roll was an instant hit - the place was bouncing. They also played Black Dog from the fourth album but with an intro of Out on the tiles.
  4. Locarno1971

    Locarno 1971

    Hi. Just joined this forum as at the ripe old age of 61 my interest in Led Zeppelin has been recently rekindled. I saw them live several times, the first occasion being on Nov 12 1971 at the Locarno in Sunderland. Just about the most memorable night of my life. Can remember big chunks of the gig in great detail. I ended up squashed right at the front literally 12 inches from Robert Plants belly button. I think that the fourth album was released the very same day and I rushed down the town next day to buy it. was anyone else at this gig.? Happy memories......