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  1. I was a complete Kodak Ekatfilm roll of 36... 34 images were exposed.
  2. I am a pro photographer who is really good at color correction and retouching.. I am not the owner of the negatives. I am doing a friend who owns the negatives a favor... he wants to sell prints or the original negatives. A few magazines are interested in the Queen photos, but so far the Zep ones are still available. Grab them before they are gone... fwiw... I think the person who took the photos was a security guard who worked at MSG. Because he had front row and the same stage right angle for all three shows.. Zeppelin, Queen, and Alice Cooper.
  3. These negatives were found in a shoebox... there were other bands as well - all from Madison Square Garden. Alice Cooper from 1975 and Queen from 1977.
  4. I would like to mention that a limited number of large prints are available... AND... the original FILM NEGATIVES are also available to purchase. Send me a message.
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