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  1. ^LOL, Dave Grohl's not in the Goo Goo Dolls, he's in the Foo Fighters. But yes, Chad Smith is incredibly amazing.
  2. I think my favorite album is Piper. I love Syd Barrett. Second place would be the Wall and third would be Wish You Were Here. I'm not a terribly huge fan of Dark Side of the Moon when compared to their other works. But its a good album, definitely.
  3. I think the songs definitely sound better as the originals, but i'm not opposed to them tuning a whole step down on some songs to better fit Robert's vocal range. I dont think he can hit those high notes as well anymore.
  4. Rock N' Roll - Led Zeppelin haven't been able to stop listening to them since the reunion (even though i didnt go)
  5. It's kind of funny how everyone's saying they'll never forget December 10th, because its my birthday. I'm jealous of all you guys who got to see the show.
  6. I think this is an older article, it still says Nov. 26th was the day the reunion would happen. What if he had a change of heart after the amazing show a couple nights ago?
  7. I'm a relatively new Led Zep fan. In about 8th grade, which is 3-4 years ago, i found IV in my dad's CD collection, and listened to it because some kid in one of my classes mentioned how good they were. I listened to them for quite a while that year but they got old. Eventually after 8th grade i picked up a guitar, got How the West Was Won, and became addicted (Thats one of my favorite albums, live or otherwise).
  8. Bonham, thanks for posting those vids. Im a pretty big fan of QOTSA and The Avon vid is pretty kickass. I dont know why so many people here are being such assholes to Dave, just because he said he would tour with the band...im sure he'd fit in fine.
  9. who DOESNT judge the band at a concert? i always see how the guitar player plays live, me being a guitarist myself. the point is you guys are saying dave grohl, chad smith, and steve gorman aren't aloud to judge a fellow drummer, which im sure is something you do when you see bands live. you cant just think "wow this is amazing" without listening to how he played. Dave even gave credit to Jason, so i dont see what the problem is.
  10. I'd definitely love to see a new album, but seeing them live would be an event i could tell my children and grandchildren about. Everyone can hear the album, but not everyone gets the chance to see Led Zeppelin live in concert.
  11. The Stairway solo was alright, but not amazingly good. I can understand why though; he fractured his finger and maybe hadn't practiced playing it so much.
  12. The fact of the matter is, he's older and you shouldn't get angry at him for not hitting the high notes. I dont know anyone who can sing as well as he did at age sixty. Otherwise i think its ridiculous Warner is removing the videos. They dont have copyright over the cell phone and camera videos people took. However, if we get a DVD later i wont complain.
  13. I bet he was nervous...playing with Led Zeppelin for the first time they've truly really played since John's death. Everything could have gone wrong, but Jason nailed it and played extremely well.
  14. Wow, No Quarter sounds really good. I was honestly surprised that Robert sounded as good as he did, i haven't been a fan of his voice in some of the more recent live videos i've seen of him, but he absolutely nailed it last night.
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