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  1. Yea, on Presence it sounds like a flanger since each note starts a swirl sound, as opposed to a constant phase. Live, he kept things simple on stage, so prolly just didn't want to add another stomp box to the wooden pedal board he made. (Also, listen closely and hear the open B string ringing on the studio version, on the main track (not the octave higher overdubbed track). If you don't hear it at first, slow the speed down. This means he is playing the riff entirely on the G string. Just good to note, if performing the studio version live, and you wanna get that sound. But using an octave effect gets crapped sounding with that note added, and of course turn it off on the E chord at the end of the riff.) I'm playing it on the G string live (no octave effect tho), as well as now incorporating a 'shy slide' to get a more delta blues effect. All about the roots.. It sounds cool...
  2. Hold the phone, please.... and remember that whatever he played live in concert back in the day or afterwards is NO indication of what he played int he studio. 10 Years Gone is a prime example - recorded with a strat, played a tele/b-bender live with Zep, then used a LP in the 90's. Achilles main parts and the intro (which is actually two tracks, not a delay - try panning hard left and right) That is definitely a strat!! My custom strat now has the Fender 57/64 pups and through the heralded '74 Super Lead (NON master, 4 input head) it is perfect. The solo's as well, although an outside chance of a tele on the main solo. LP possibly mixed in on some of the climbing 6th's sections and/or parallel thirds (see my video on how I play them all at the same time, even bending together, Led Lab Volume I). Nobody's Fault But Mine is a TELECASTER (sorry to shout! LOL) If you can;t hear that, you have never plugged one into a vintage Marshall NMV head. (He may have even used a HiWatt DR103, modded?) My 50's era tele through the Super Lead is spot on. Just listening to recent rehearsal tapes just now, and no argument. Boom. Page's live sound difference is so noticeable with the LP. I do not like it. (Performance note: Page also plays it differently live, a in the studio recording you can clearly hear the open B string ringing while playing the 'D' note in the opening riff (and when it is played throughout as well). That means he was playing the ENTIRE LINE on the third string, not in open position like seen live. Interesting.....) But the Paul shines perfectly as expected on all 10 delicious minutes of Tea for one. Love it, and my 10+ pound les paul. Rock on guys, and keep up the Zeppelin in the clubs, concert halls, youtube and the living room.
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