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  1. Been listening to what is, to me, the Holy Grail of Dazed and Confused live performances: March 21, 1975, Seattle. The breakdown is off the charts. (starting at 9:20)
  2. Yay! I can now die in peace. 😄 Although the former newspaper reporter in me wants to find Messenger/Dartnell and ask them about it. Brings back a lot of memories of me driving around in 1989 as a 17-year-old blasting cassette bootlegs in my parent's station wagon. Thanks everyone.
  3. Well, that's a start! I guess I'm not crazy. 😄 Thanks!
  4. This may be a long shot but it's something I've been trying to solve since the '80s. My memory's a bit cloudy on some details so bear with me. When I was in high school (1987-1990) I purchased a bootleg cassette from a new/used record store. I don't have it anymore but I'm pretty sure it was called Heartbreaker. There's a chance it may have been on Superstition (which I also owned, pictured below) but I don't think so. It was the audio from a concert (can't remember which one) but there was a song at the end of the second side of the cassette. It was an acoustic song that sounded like Page's style. It was fairly polished and was definitely recorded in a studio. But here's the weird thing -- in between verses parts of Plant's Black Dog vocals were dubbed in. So it would go > acoustic playing with no vocals > "Hey, hey mama said the way you move/Gon' make you sweat, gon' make you groove > more acoustic playing > Ah ah child way ya shake that thing /Gon' make you burn, gon' make you sting > more acoustic playing and so on. I remember bringing it back to the record store and asking the owner if he knew what the song was and he didn't have a clue. To be clear, it wasn't any acoustic song that appeared on any studio album. It's been driving me crazy for more than 30 years. 😖
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