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  1. Some strange taste in albums on there. Anyway for me the best album of all time is not even on that list:- Love - Forever Changes It's a crime not to even include it when doing these things. 40 years and still in touch with the generation today as it was back then.
  2. Thanks for posting this and nice to see Jason Pierce of Spritualized being on the same show. Ladies & Gentleman we are floating in space is a monster of an album.
  3. In My Time of Dying Spine tingling & Awe inspiring. The group came alive with that song and I was suddenly aware with why so many people have put this group as the best live rock act of all time. No one can touch this band live or even get remotely close.
  4. My apologies, I didn't see your article. I was hyped when I came home and read it and checked the first page and didn't see a thread about it, my apologies.
  5. That's true. I am really hoping they play the Millenium Stadium though. I hope if they do tour then they do not just do London. Heres hoping that the Irish, Scots and Welsh get to see them on their patch too.
  6. According to the South Wales Echo (UK): Millennium Stadium bosses are trying to woo Led Zeppelin to play in Cardiff. The WRU's (Welsh Rugby Union) top man Roger Lewis said stadium chiefs were already talking to the reformed rock band's management about bringing them to the stadium. In the wake of the '70s legends' rave reviews for their comeback gig at London's 02 Arena, there has been a growing clamour for the group to start a tour. Mr Lewis, who is a friend of bassist John Paul Jones, said "We would love to welcome Led Zeppelin and we have alrady put in a request to Harvey Goldsmith (the band's promoter). "We have a good relationship with Harvey, who also handles Bruce Springsteen who is coming to the stadium. "Initially, Harvey said they were going to do a one-off gig but now they are considering a tour". "The thing is, we are the only stadium in Britain with a retractable roof and we can guarantee a perfect event for 70,000 people. There's nowhere else in the country that can do that." All 20,000 tickets for Led Zeppelin's first comeback gig 19 years after the group disbanded sold out - despite costing £125.
  7. Heartbreaker Immigrant Song Going to California Houses of the Holy When the Levee Breaks
  8. I hope they filmed him for the DVD, he deserves it. He knew what he was seeing and he rocked it.
  9. Vic Reeves was probably worried that people attending would find out after all these years that his wife is in fact a shemale. Talentless hacks who have to go on "I'm a celeb get me out of here" to make a name for themselves. Should have given the tickets to people who like music.
  10. I agree with this. I've seen many many bands in my time and this was certainly not the worst sound I've heard at a gig. It was also not the best sound I've heard at a gig but that was definately the best live band I've seen and I've seen a very lot.
  11. Just arrived home back and all I can say is "That's easily the best group I've ever seen". They were so tight and Jason is the ultimate replacement for his father. I only wish I'd seen them in the 70s to compare what I just seen. I really hope they tour for the fans of this board which I have been reading messages from for the last couple of weeks in anticipation for this gig. I'm still in shock at what I saw. Everyone here were saying how good this band is live, everyone on music boards say how good this band is live and tonight I finally realised how absolutely mind blowing this band are when on form. They showed todays up and coming rock stars as well as the ones from the last 20+ years how to perform. It's as if Godzilla walked into the O2 and instead of smashing everything up and destroying us all, he decided to give us party hats and gave us a party. God I must calm down and go to bed because all I have is the words "Thank the lord for what I just witnessed" running through my mind. PLEASE TOUR! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHO NEVER HAD AN OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THEM A CHANCE. Best live band ever by a fricking landslide.
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