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  1. The Irish pressing of III has to be the winner of the press with the most spelling mistakes . Apart from the 3 misspellings of the Immigrant , Pole & Aur they even managed to misspell Zepplelin !! Is there a worst example out there ? Please lets see your Misspellings . Thanks Garry.
  2. Hi , i'm new to the board and would just like to say hello to all . I'm in the U.K and about to embark on the rocky road of opening my own used vinyl store . I'm under no illusions on how hard its going to be but at the same time super excited about it .We are hopefully opening in late summer / early autumn, the lockdown has put a hold on a lot of the work i was hoping to get done, so this is a pretty vague opening time frame . Anyway , if any of you guys are ever visit Felixstowe Suffolk in the U.K please come and see us at Grooveyard Records UK .
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