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  1. What a wonderful interview - thanks for the post!
  2. It took me a long time to make this guys, I hope you like it!
  3. It’s all public up until the gate to the actual cottage? Then it’s game over! A couple own it now who run it as a sustainable farm? If you catch them on a good day apparently they let you in for a short while? They replied to my photo on Instagram saying that they ‘saw me walking away after my visit’ I was like ‘you could’ve given me a shout!’ 😂
  4. Good point! Everyone is getting painted rocks for Xmas! 😂
  5. I’d love to see it restored as best it can be, even as some sort of visitor centre? It’s such a shame!
  6. Hi everyone! Forgive me if I’ve posted this in the wrong section! BUT, I’ve recently acquired a turquoise Led Zeppelin I? It’s in pretty good condition and it has the ‘Superhype’ credits on the labels? Is this an expensive piece? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 😄
  7. You're right there mate! Here're a couple more of the cottage and the way up!
  8. I was lucky enough to visit Bron-Yr-Aur last week! I loved every second of the hilly walk. It was fantastic to walk in the same place as the Zep boys!
  9. It was a fantastic day! The people are calling themselves 'The Boleskine House Foundation' on Facebook/Instagram and they were working on the place when I was there? I didn't get a closer look at the house (other than a scoot up a close little hillock...) but I had a reply from them on Instagram saying that if I ever wanted to walk around the ruins I could drop them a message and they'd be happy to let me in.
  10. Hi everyone! I’m James and I’m new here but I just thought I’d share a few photos from my recent ‘pilgrimage’ to Boleskine!
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