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  1. I'm a bit confused around the key of Tangerine by Led Zeppelin. Is it really in G-Major, like most google searches suggest? Extra info/my thought process: So, I've been playing guitar for about 15 years, since I was a boy. I've never taken meaningful music theory lessons, but I've been trying to dip my hand into it more and more the last few years. Usually, I just care about Keys when I want to improv a solo, and I wanna make sure I know what notes "sound nice" so I don't need to spend time finding them on my own. Or of course when I try my hand at limited composing. I learned the song on guitar yesterday, and tried to guess the key today. I guessed A-minor/(C-Major), after using one of my favorite apps "Guitar Scales" as a practice to try to identify the root note in the solo, which I didn't think was obvious like in some solos. I dismissed the song being in G-Major, until I saw almost all searches lead there. It fits with the chords, especially as A-minor uses the Dm chord instead of regular D like the song does. Still, the only time G plays in the solo, is briefly as the rest from a bend to A. Unless of course, it's in E-minor, which makes sense for the root notes of the solo (first bend and last note of is E), but then that confuses me as none of the chords played during verse and chorus are E-minor. Does the song perhaps switch between minor and major from verse to chorus? Does that mean that the solo is in minor as it follows the verse rather than chorus, and is therefore in E-minor, while the melody is in G-Major during the chorus?
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