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  1. Was digitizing my bootleg collection and came upon this site while researching them. So much good info here!! Thanks all for sharing. I started playing guitar because of Jimmy Page and continue to be moved and inspired by their music. Best band that ever was as far as I’m concerned. finished reading “Trampled Under Foot” and they mentioned the name of a NY “wiseguy”. Turns out many years ago I was working for a construction company on Long Island NY and we did a building for this, um, gentleman. It was weird reading about him in a zep book. I knew he was involved with Zep(among others) because he used to tell me stories, he also appears in the movie “TSRTS”. Towards the end of the job the guy I was working for stopped paying me and I threatened to leave unless I got paid. Mr Wiseguy called me over and says, “ Hey Johnny, I need you here to help Tony finish this job, if he doesn’t pay don’t worry, I’ll pay you, or if you want you can come by my warehouse in Long Beach and pick out any amp or guitar you want. There’s stuff in there that Jimmy Page used to own”.(he knew I played guitar and was a huge zeppelin fan) I was like, “thanks but no thanks I want my money”. Boy, wonder what he had.
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