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  1. Thank you again for further info hopefully I will get lucky and come across some old news about these quad posters but at the moment it's a real struggle to find any information on the back by popular demand posters especially in quad format for some reason info on U.S./portrait posters are easier to find. The link shows how much people are asking for the original release the U.S./portrait versions are going for over here the in UK. It would be great if I had seen any quad posters online but it's like getting blood from a stone. If I do find any information I'll keep you updated, I feel
  2. Thankyou for the info SteveAJones I am based in the UK and I know there weren't many screenings over here hence why it's a later date poster I know that this was printed after the 17 October release hence why I've struggled to find any information on it.
  3. Hi all new member here just trying to get a value of a celebration Day cinema back by popular demand quad poster which is dated for the 08 November I know that they were issued in 2012 the poster was on display in the cinema when it was released so it is used but it has since been kept in a poster tube and only been taken out to check the date on the poster any info would be much appreciated. Also don't worry all mugs are clean and dry just needed something to help weigh it down so I could take a picture.
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