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  1. Thanks luvva for replying! (Sorry so late :) Ten times is amazing! Although in my opinion this is LedZep's finest, their most powerful , wrenching, essential song if I had to pick one. The harp solo with its introductory four measures of agnonized wail is transcendent. You can hear the pain of Robert's loss, his deep regret over doing "In My Time of Dying". How he could have played THAT solo while sitting in a wheelchair, I'll never know. And Jimmy's guitar solo is so beyond perfect I can't type this without chills. He so NEVER overplays in the studio. Yeah, "delight" is pretty clear right before the N-N-N-N-N-N-N-NO... "Gone delight" doesn't make much sense, but the opium reference for gong does
  2. I know this is a couple months old but wow. THANKS Robert! I never had heard that slang usage of gong before. A wordnerd tip o' the cap to ya
  3. Hi all, First post ever, just found the forum today! Can't wait to dive in but I just listened to NFBM and it finally made me find you guys. My question is about where to find lyrics that actually match what's on the studio version. The real words, not the stuff about How to roll that log tonight (it's How to roll the lot you like: means the devil taught him how to cheat) or How to get down rolling tonight or How to get that gong to light (because first thing I do when I'm near a gong is try to smoke it, and I admit it IS hard to do : ). After his brother showed him the door and showed him the ding dong ding dong, he says the same words he repeats at the very end, which sounds like How to get that gone delight, but I"m not sure. After 55 years someone has to have nailed these lyrics. All suggestions welcome! "Thank You"
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