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    Led Zep....
  1. Great little interview. Jason sounding like he was still on Cloud 9!!!!
  2. Looks like he may be using an old Digitech Wah Pedal on his pedal board... http://www.accordo.it/dillo/05/11/08/1639221.shtml
  3. I agree with you 100% on this one.... Yes I am bitter and twisted because I didn't get a ticket, however, why the hell should 100's of so called celebs get free tickets and shut out real fans???????
  4. I thought YouTube had taken all 02 Videos off the site?
  5. The thing that really pisses me off is that there were probably more invited guests & Press than actual fans of Zep!!!!!
  6. Grant was frozen via Kryonics,...they thawed him out just before the 02 show to handle any shit like this post the gig......
  7. Duper shots,...thanks for sharing... I love the one with Jimmy's Guitar tech and all his Les Pauls...
  8. Great story,...you got super lucky!!! I was gonna go down to the O2 and try and bum my way in too but the thought of not getting a ticket and actually be standing outside the venue would have been far too painful!!!
  9. Vic Reeves is a washed up comedian and his wife is a cheap whore! They were obviously invited and were hoping to be seen by the media.... ....I think that sums it up nicely...
  10. Yeah, well said. I think peeps should be happy for this chance to see Zep or at least dream of having a chance to see this great band
  11. ...wasn't there but it's obvious from looking at the footage that the video cameramen were for the large screen shots. I'm sure that Led Zep will also release this as a DVD sometime....
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