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  1. Since I was the one who started this debate (debate=hurling insults and abuse by some members!!) I would like to finish it with this statement. My only intention from the beggining was for the 'live audience' sound of Led Zeppelin to be the best possible, and to bring to the attention of Led Zeppelin fans, and the band themselves, (if they want to listen) how poor the sound quality/mix actually was. Nothing would have pleased me more than to return from the gig happy. I would have been the first to tell everyone how great the band played (which they did) and what a fantastic sound that th
  2. You are the dolt, read a book on sound and hearing, you may learn something. The human ear is can hear from 20 to 20,000htz, (you can probably only do 200 to 10,000-go for a hearing test, try it) that's what I meant by 20-20, shit for brains, insult me and back at you, everytime. You obviously did not understand my point on sub-bass etc. Yeah I can swear to...fuck...makes me really cool
  3. Yes, the venue may have sound issues, but for me that is no excuse. I know what equipment is available today, spectrum anyalizers, feedback controllers etc.etc.etc. For my money, the sound production was unprofessional and extremely badly mixed. All they had to do was TURN DOWN/OFF THE SUB BASS. Like I said before, rock, especially Led Zep, does not sound good with massive sub bass, bands like metallica may well do, but they are heavy metal, and I thought Led Zep hated being classed as heavy metal!! If you put an exessive amount of sub bass in a mix, it's like throwing a fire blanket ov
  4. HERE IS A POST FROM ANOTHER WHO AGREED WITH ME....THANX guitarglenn, I couldn't agree with you more, when you say most people think you're an idiot just remember who those most people are !!! They are just like the drunken head bangers that were for the most part at the gig, the guys for instance that think they are drummers and wave their arms about to the music....you must have seen it the airhead guitarists and all that crap. How many of them could even tune a guitar let alone play it. Most of them think sub bass is something you knock your brains out with in a car driving through the
  5. THANKS FOR THAT MATE. This will be my final message on the subject, desipte any childish namecalling from some 'adult' members>We do things differently (and spell correctly incidentely) in England, that's why it's called speaking english !! I think it is amazing and fantastic that Harvey Goldsmith managed to help get this show together, and I hope that Zeppelin will do more, even another album !! But I know what that gig could and should have sounded like, and the band were not a fault, I will say it again THE BAND PLAYED GREAT, THAT WAS THE FRUSTRATING THING ABOUT IT, WITH A PROPERLY BA
  6. No, I do wash regularly, no smell here, must be eminating from your own backside.
  7. Oh, so I am a geek now am I, funny really, how people respond when you criticise something they love. If Jimmy, or any other band member could have sood and listened at the sound desk, they would not have been impressed. That is my final word on the subject. How old are you people on here, 3 4 5 year olds? If you want to throw childish insults and verbal abuse around become an member of parliment.
  8. You idiots, such children, why cant you take a bit of constructive criticism, even then it is not aimed at the band (READ MY ORIGINAL POST). I am a lifelong Zeppelin fan, I am saying this because I care intently about LZep. If you think it was a great sound then good luck to you. MAYBE I AM THE ONLY ONE WITH THE BALLS TO SAY WHAT I TRUELY FEEL, AND THAT IS NOT DONE WITH ANY MALICE.
  9. I appeaciate the difficulties of sound engineering, but why do you need sub bass with a rock band, a Zeppelin mix needs great care and balence - PULL THE LEADS OUT OR TURN THE SUB BASS WAY DOWN OR EVEN OFF COMPELTELY. If they had have done that the sound would have been much better.
  10. No problem with my ears pal, were you drunk! I will say whatever I want, I am not a yes man. I know what zeppelin can/should sound like, the last thing I want to do is say anything negative about my No.1 influencual band.
  11. Nothing wrong with my ears, had them checked (20-20) last year. Again if the sound guys knew what they were doing there should not have been a problem with feedback, these guys have thousands/millions of pounds worth of equipment, I could get a better sound with a £85 Sony car mini disc system.
  12. I went to the show at the o2 last night (10th dec 2007). I was about 30/40 feet from the stage (standing). First of all, great to see Plant/Jones/Page as Zeppelin again, Jason B certainly gave the band a driving energy and new feel somehow. They all gave great perfomances, you could clearly see the exitement and feel the energy that each member projected, particulaly Page, he looked lean, on the ball and ready for action. Plant seemed a little aprehensive at first, but by the middle/end of the show he relaxed more and was clearly enjoying it. Jones was his classic self, intently listening
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