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  1. Well that idea went down like a led zeppelin. You guys seemed to be better informed than me so I will leave it at that.
  2. How about Zeppelin doing something together one last time before they are too old or pass away (ref Charlie Watts recently). One last Swan Song with some new material, write some new songs, get some new riffs going and captivate the millions of Zeppelin followers with some new tunes! It’s brilliant remastering old stuff and I have listened to it thousands of times and it still is and always will be fantastic, but wouldn’t it be just as fantastic if something new were to appear? We all know Robert Plant said he would never do anything again with Led Zeppelin after John Bonham passed away, but hey look at ABBA this week after 40 years getting together and releasing some new stuff. It would be great to see what sort of music Led Zeppelin could come up with now, after more than 40 years since they split too. Just imagine how great that would be? All Zeppelin fans would be (in my time of) dying to hear it!! Before anyone slates me for comparing ABBA to Zeppelin (it’s only an example folks), remember ‘In Through the Out Door was recorded at ABBA studios in Stockholm, so there is a connection there already!
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