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  1. Stones Circa 1964 Stones Circa 1969 Zeppelin circa 1968 Zeppelin Circa 1977 do we really need to see the mullet's of the 80's and 90's?
  2. Great vid, great playing, love the love you have for the LP's. Congrats bud, you deserved it and I hope you (know you) had one of the best times of your life.
  3. Thanks, just downloaded it now, hopefully I can figure it out before the show tomorrow. Do I need the 'pro' version or will the freeware work. Normally research this stuff, but I've got a borderline migraine and staring at a comp screen for more than 1 minute makes it horrible.
  4. Anyway to capture this stream?? That'd be nice especially if it's been cleaned up.
  5. In My Time of Dying, Nobodys Fault But Mine, Trampled Under Foot. And Kashmir, that's not my favorite song by a long stretch but they nailed that thing to a wall. It was other worldly, like they never stopped playing.
  6. I know I'm a late comer to the forums, I've been a lifelong Zep fan, seriously, since I was probably around 5 or 6 when Zep I came out, I loved the raw feel of it. I know this is probably blasphemous here, but I was (at the time) disappointed with Zep IV, I LOVED III, and PG, but IV just didnt have the continuity that the others had (to me anyway) but as I've aged, I've grown to like it more and more, and I FINALLY listened to Presence. I don't think I ever listened to the whole thing before, and NFM is one of my very favorite songs. The first time I heard that on For Badgeholders Only, I was blown away, I think I wore the grooves out on that boot. Still trying to find it again somewhere... Anyway. I tried to make WheresThatConfoundedBridge as my name, but it was too long Glad to be here and glad to see so many other Zepophiles.
  7. 42 years old here, but with much older siblings I was lucky enough to be introduced to music by bands most kids my age wouldn't be. While my friends were listening to Journey and REO Speedwagon, I was listening to Zappa, Elvis Costello, The Clash, and of course Zep. I do remember 1980 very well, for me it was the worst year for music as far as I can remember, the accidental death of John Bonham and the murder of John Lennon. I don't remember exactly where I was when I found out about Bonzo, but I will always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard about JWL. We did grow up in a funky time, the tail end of Zep, ~5 years old when The Beatles disbanded, Keith Moon, Hendrix, Janis, far too many died far too soon, and most by their own destructive ways.
  8. wow, sorry, I didn't mean to piss off so many ph fans. Bottom line, I sincerely hope she realizes how F*CKING lucky she was to be there, and not blow it off as 'another thing I get to/have to go to'. David Groehl sounded sincere, happy and like almost anyone one of us, like we were 15 and seeing Zep for the first time right after Zep IV came out. She's baggage, excess baggage at best, and if Sir Paul did indeed fire one up, good on him. I'm 12 years sober and I think if I was there and I had to be around her, I'd be going through rehab all over again. Sorry, people like her, who feel the world should gawk at their every bowel movement piss me off beyond comprehension. Maybe this will open her eyes to them, buy some of their, wait.. have someone buy their albums for her. On the list of people who deserved to be there, to me, she is on the bottom, nah, she fell off the f*ckin list.
  9. How do you get that to work, I see it but I didnt see anything with Jason.
  10. paris hilton was there????!?!!!!?!?!?! Ok, there are some very wrong things and that is one of them. ph: "could they like, you know, play something new, like you know by pdiddy or somone good? I don't get all this instrument playing stuff, shouldn't that be pre-recorded so they can talk over it?" OMFG, I can't believe she was there. A spice girl concert, skankiny spears, c aquafina, whatever. NOT ZEPPELIN.
  11. Sir Paul McCartney is also scheduled to be on. Any idea when Jason/Paul will be on?
  12. I hope I don't get in trouble here, but are those available anywhere else? (the pro shot ones) The snippet of Black Dog from the BBC is UN-FREAKING-REAL.
  13. They could have played for 6 hours and still not satisfied everyone. I would have loved to have heart Battle of Evermore, Ten Years Gone, Tangerine, Fool in the Rain, Poor Tom, etc. Hopefully, they will tour, break out the big list and play something a little different in each city.
  14. Fantastic!! I can't wait to get home to hear them!! (they block youtube at work ) Oh, and for the record. I thought you meant you ORDERED, as in bought videos. Either way, thank you very much!!
  15. Led Zeppelin Release Reunion DVD Tonight's long-awaited Led Zeppelin reunion show at London's O2 Arena will be recorded for DVD. So those of you that weren't able to get hold of the much sought-after tickets will, at least, be able to see the reunion from the comfort of your own living room. Rumour has it that Robert Plant is waiting to see how well the band performs tonight before committing to any more shows. Words: Harpreet Bains Please let this be true....
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