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  1. Has anybody listened to The Who latest single song Mirror Door? Take a look at the lyrics; This one was written by Pete Townshend. How could a guy who hates Zep write this? And this song is sung by Daltrey. As most Who songs, written by Pete and sung by Roger. MIRROR DOOR(Music & Lyrics by Pete Townshend) If you don't hear me how can I tell you? If you don't listen why should I speak? If you're indifferent how can I reach you? Just 'cause you're angry don't assume I'm weak. Howlin' Wolf and Ol' Link Wray, Dave Van Ronk and Doris Day, Bobby Darin and Brownie McGee, Elvis,
  2. Once I met Plant the morning after a gig in the North of Spain and he looked really tall to me. I was staying at an awful B&B and in front there was a 4 or 5 stars hotel. When I went out for lunch I saw Percy at the hotel's main entrance and he smiled as he saw I was wearing a T-shirt with the Led Zep III cover album. He said hello very friendly and shook my hand. Unfortunately I didn't have a pen to ask him for an autograph and my English was not so good by then. Honestly, I was really ashamed to ask him for a pen and an autograph at the same time. Anyway, I keep this memory as a treasur
  3. Could anybody, who has already seen the new DVD, give a good description about the new release? Is the movie the same as the one in 1976 but improved in sound and quality? Does it still have the "fantasy sequences"?
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