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  1. I have to ask..why is everyone so unsure that a tour is coming? I spend my days googling Led Zeppelin and read endless viewpoints about them and a possible tour. All are speculation. I never suspected for a minute that they would tour after the O2 concert. However, I now would be surprised if they did not. The main reasons for my thinking are:

    1) Why has the band or Led Zeppelin management not come out and denied a tour in the two weeks since the concert. The majority of rumors that have occured in the past have resulted in a timely press release confirming or denying the rumors. However, for a potential tour, there has been no word from anyone actually involved with the band. Why is this? I suspect to not take away from the Plant-Krauss tour.

    2) In June of 2007, World Entertainment News reported a reunion concert, and if all went well, a tour. The first part(reunion show) came true, so why not expect the second part(a tour).

    Part 1 of my reasoning all but seals the deal in my mind. Until I hear a denial of a tour, I will expect at least some shows in 2008.

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