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  1. Yeah were not out of the woods until January, I'm just hoping Bush doesn't do anything drastic like invade Iran on January 19th, 2009. That'd be a bummer, but highly unlikely. Though who knows with him and Cheney!
  2. Because Ray Charles is friggin' awesome! Sandals.....or.....FLIP FLOPS!!!!
  3. I really hope they don't do a new album. It's Jimmy, Robert, Jonesy, and JASON Bonham. I'm sorry, but even though it's as close as it'll ever be, its not Led Zeppelin all the way. I think people are fogetting one of the most intergral parts of the band is dead.
  4. Yeah that's for sure. I don't see how Hilary is ahead in all these polls! Every person I've talked to hates Hilary. She won't be too electable if she does get the nomination.
  5. ^^ Well said, Chris. I don't think you can sum it up better than that.
  6. Red Hot Chili Peppers-The uplift mofo part plan
  7. Yeah I know what u mean....it's weird hearing about Zeppelin w/o him. I think people need to remember this is not quite Led Zeppelin, its as close as it will ever be, but Bonzo brought everyone to that whole other level Zeppelin was at. The reunion show, which I've listened too, was just not quite the same w/o him.
  8. The United States public will never elect a Mormon. Though he did make a very compelling speech defending his religon earlier this month, the conservative(pro-christian) right will never elect him!
  9. I don't thing they changed setlists too much in the latter years just because the tours were so hectic. It was something just to get on the stage particular nights I'm sure. But now, they definitly would be more at ease with switching it up I think.
  10. ^^That's true, it'd turn into a snowball affect pretty quick. They'd have to tour until they die for everybody who wants to see them attend a concert!
  11. Well today...because it changes everyday my top ten is.... 1. Tea for One 2. Over the Hills and Far Away(TSRTS) 3. Kashmir(Knewbworth) 4. Ramble On 5. In my time of Dying 6. WLL(BBC) 7. Bron-y-aur Stomp 8. Immigrant Song(HTWWW) 9. Heartbreaker(HTWWW) 10. Rock and Roll(HTWWW) This all is according to my most played list on my Ipod
  12. Yeah that'd be amazing...but I'll wait and see an official press release before I get my money out.
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