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  1. This is one of the greatest songs ever recorded: Still, You Turn Me On Do you want to be an angel, Do you wanna be an angel Do you wanna be a star Do you wanna play some magic On my guitar Do you wanna be a poet Do you wanna be my string You could be anything Do you wanna be the lover of another undercover You could even be the Man on the moon Do you wanna be the player Do you wanna be the string Let me tell you something It just don't mean a thing You see it really doesn't matter When you're buried in disguise By the dark glass on your eyes Though your flesh has
  2. This is mine: Download Speed: 12342 kbps (1542.8 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1706 kbps (213.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
  3. If any of you guys are interested, I believe that it is this weekend, VH1 Classic Rock station is having a 2.5 hour special on Led Zeppelin live. I watched it a few weeks ago and recorded it on our DVR. It has a concert of them in 69 or 70 not really sure the date, but I think it is around this time. Then it goes into 3 songs from Earls Court, one video of Immigrant Song (not sure where that is from) and then it goes into Knebworth about 4 songs from that show. It's pretty good and would be really good if any of you guys have never seen video of them live.
  4. Sounds like a great idea, but we could do that on our computers, couldn't we? You have already did enough just by setting up everything!
  5. I guess I need to explain my comment a little better I have never seen either of the bands live. I have seen Live at Pompeii and The Song Remains The Same quit a few times. I have seen videos on YouTube of both bands and videos that some of my friends have. Jimmy Page just has a magic that he brings out in music that just makes the hair on my arms stand up, the way he plays, the way that he expresses himself while playing, and the kind of music he plays. Gilmore is a great guitar player, don't get me wrong, but he just don't make me feel the same way as Jimmy Page does when he plays. I g
  6. I think it sounds great just the way it is, to much Mid Range or Base could ruin the rest of the sounds. I say leave it like it is! Thanks again!
  7. Theres no question about that, Led Zeppelin would blow them rite off of the stage. Gilmore is a great guitar player, but Page would eat him alive with the speed of his playing and the feeling that he puts into his music. Gilmore just sorta stands around and plays, Page, well he's all over the stage! I would guess that Gilmore would be singing also, no comparison with Plants voice and Gilmores. It would be one hell of a show, but we all know who would top who in that stand off!
  8. I remember getting the Houses of The Holy album, the one that had the white band around it that had the album name on it, that was it. I think the next one I got was The Song Remains The Same, that was the one that had the most impact on me, from then on it was Zep, Zep and more Zep. I love the group, they have turned me on to so many things than I can even think of, just to name a few, Different kinds of music Other cultures Different religions of the world The Hobbit books Playing music I think those are the main ones. I hate it when people talk about them selling there souls to b
  9. After listening to Led Zeppelin for a whole lot of years, I never really thought they had a technique or any kind of Philosophy to them, they just wrote about things that were going on in there lives and around them, not all of there songs are like this, but I think most of them are. If you really want to know what I mean listen to these songs and it will explain it a lot better: Ramble On- There discovery of The Hobbit Thank You- Roberts song to his wife, being away from her, missing her. All of My Love- Dedicated to Roberts son. Kashmir- You don't even have to know where Kashmir is or
  10. Well, I guess the thing that I wished that I had done every since I heard TSRTS is wish I was that person in Stairway to Heaven that lets out that loud whistle in the audience, I think all of you will know what I am talking about.
  11. I guess the band that I would love to see with them would be Aerosmith, as long as they stayed with there old classics instead of the new things that they are playing now. I guess they would be the perfect band to support them.
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