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  1. Good post. My last experience with trying to get tickets was the Cream concert in NY that I mentioned above. There were supposed to be tickets available online through Ticketron at 9am on a certain day. Well. I was there at 9am trying to buy but you could not actually get to them. What I mean is that they did not really go 'on sale' until about ten after nine. By that time there was nothing left so they never actually went on sale. What I want to know is who was purchasing all of them for that ten minutes between 9:00am and 9:10. If a company like Ticketron says 9am it not like they go
  2. It wasn't my crowd with the firecrackers. It seemed me that it was a second wave of concert goers who me and my friends did not like so much. The "Woodstock generation" feelings were disappearing and a lot of assholes were showing up at concerts behaving in ways that we would never have. My biggest recallection of the Flushing concert was Jimmy page bringing out the bow to play his guitar with. Not sure which date the Madison Sq. garden show was. I gotta try to find my old ticket stubs. I saved alot of them but have not been able to locate them recently. Gonna look harder. Some live s
  3. It is a drag how difficult it can be to get tickets to see shows. I remember Creams reunion a couple of years ago that I tried to get tickets for when they played Madison Sq. Garden. Virtually impossible. I saw Zeppelin for the first time in 1969 when they played here in Flushing, NY at the old Worlds Fair grounds in the NY State pavilion . It was kind of an indoor/outdoor show as the pavilion had no sides. Only columns. Back then you just went and got tickets. Not a big freaking deal like it is today. I think I paid about $7 for them. Second time I saw them was at Madison Square Ga
  4. Its intellectual property rights man. You can't broadcast stuff for free. Its the same reason Prince is having all of his bootleg music taken down. The same concept as not being able to sell prints of someone else's art. The same concept as the writers strike in Hollywood. You wanna publish shows that they wrote on the internet. You gotta pay them a fair share for the usage. The same concept as not cheating artists by downloading their music illegally without paying them. Just because someone captured images or video on their cell phone doesn't give them the right to publish it. You
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