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  1. I am absolutely crushed right now. Robert Plant has just put an end to the last glimmer of hope that I had of ever seeing my favorite band of all time in concert. I feel like getting hammered and it's not even 9am here yet.
  2. No, but they did have the story right about the replacement singer.
  3. That's some lame ass radio station in Detroit. "We've learned" that the story was not true? Come on. If you've ever known any radio DJ's, you'd know that >95% of them are clueless when it comes to music news.
  4. I'm actually a big Sammy Hagar fan and look forward to hearing this new group, but it was fucking stupid to even mention Zeppelin's name. There is no chance it will compare.
  5. I'd rather see a tour than a new album.
  6. I saw him do the same thing with the Ft. Worth Symphony last summer. I thought he sounded horrible.
  7. A DJ on 93.3 The Bone just teased an upcoming announcement of Zeppelin tour dates before going to commercial. I wish they would stop all this bullshit. All they're doing is getting people hopes up uunnecessarily. Wait until an official announcement comes, you morons.
  8. I have a friend who is going and is convinced that Zeppelin will play and that this is all some sort of ruse. These "leaks" are supposed to be hints or some bullshit. I will be fucking pissed if they show up unannounced or they aren't added until after the festival is sold out. I'm too old for these kinds of gigs, but I would make it for Zeppelin.
  9. There is a great biography out on Peter Grant called "The Man Who Led Zeppelin". You should check it out.
  10. Scarlet was there. Ross Halfin has a picture of her backstage holding the setlist. Next to her is Dave Grohl covering his eyes.
  11. No offense, but I don't understand how a true Zep fan can say this. Did you get a chance to see them in their heyday? Many of us did not and a tour now is our only shot ever of seeing them live. This would be a life changing moment for me. Their music means more to me than just about anyone or anything in my life. I would relish the chance to see them live just once.
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