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  1. tyedye, you hit the nail on the head, I am a Zeppelin purist to the core. Like Bonzo, who was very critical of his own playing and demanded complete perfection (just as another drum prodigy Buddy Rich did), I suffer the same affliction. However, there is a distinct and separate line in the sand, and while I may be a perfectionist, I'm not Bonzo or Buddy Rich. I practice for hours, but I'm one of those dime a dozen drummers you've heard about. I know instantly when I hear Bonzo, Paice, Rich, Moon, Porcaro, Larrie London, et al., but while people say I have my own distinctive style and sound
  2. guitarglenn, you are spot on...the guys and or gals working the sound boards should be taken out and shot post haste!! I realize I wasn't there and have only seen and heard clips I downloaded off YouTube, which were all recorded with either cell phones or cheap video cams of some sort. So I can't expect perfect sound given the device it was recorded on. But to my very critical and perfectionist drummer's ear, I heard way too much feedback, whine, etc. The so called sound engineers at this concert need to quit their day jobs as soon as possible. Prank
  3. "What do you think Daddy?". Well, I just downloaded and tried out 'Dazed and Confused' , 'Good Times Bad Times', 'Kashmir', and 'Whole Lotta Love', and Jason captures a little more of his father Bonzo, especially on 'Kashmir' (but his Dad's legendary bass drum footwork was missing in action even here), but not enough for this hard core Zeppelin fan. Led Zeppelin had the decency to realize a truly unique drummer was not as some call us, a dime a dozen (as most of us are), and disbanded when John Bonham died. They made the right call then, and should stop now after honoring the man who gave
  4. Alright, I just downloaded 'Stairway to Heaven' from YouTube and watched it. I wanted to be proven wrong very badly. However, it only cemented my original views. Plant seemed to be going through the motions, Page was missing notes, but John Paul, as usual, was spot on. There was a little intensity building, but when it came time for the drums, the band sounded like any other bar band trying to capture the chemistry of the original young warriors with something to prove - and failing miserably. Jason's approach to this classic song was mediocre at best. No, his perfectionist Dad would not be pr
  5. Alright guys and gals, give me a break please. Jason IS NOT Bonzo by any stretch of the imagination. I wasn't there and did not see the show, but this I do know: Grohl was and is right, no one can play like John Bonham, not even his own son. The reviews I've read so far said he made the songs his own, not playing them as Bonzo did, making them 'funkier'. Know why? NO ONE can play with Bonham's swing, groove, time, precision, power and grace; just as no one can play like Buddy Rich. They were 2 of the greatest drummers to ever pick up sticks, and the reason I embarked on my journey 25+ years ag
  6. drummerman, I am very disappointed to hear that someone such as yourself, who's name here leaves little doubt you play drums, could really be anticipating a tour by 'Led Zeppelin'. THIS IS NOT Led Zeppelin, they died when Bonzo died. Jason is nowhere near the drummer Bonham was, and from the reviews I've been reading on the Internet, Jason took the songs and made them his own, with a 'funkier' interpretation. Read between the lines please: Jason is not his awesome Dad. He could not and cannot play with Bonzo's swing, groove, fills and time. Did they do "Achilles Last Stand"? I wasn't there, ha
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