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  1. is looking for a pocket full of gold...

  2. Just watching the Rose Bowl Football game between The Univesity of Southern California vs. The University of Illinois..... The game has been pretty boring, but the during the halftime coverage, The Illinois Marching Band did a pretty inspiring version of Stairway... Pretty big stones for the school to do that in a game of this caliber... But hell yeah... I love the stones of the music director to jam a Zep tune!!! HUGE Illinois fan.... (for the second half anyway)
  3. Let's see... Cry my eyes out.... Drink my ass off... Pass out.... Any questions?
  4. I am not 100% sure it is For Your Life... I'm pretty sure that could have been taken out of context... I bet they are running through alot of the unplayed classics and For Your Life is the one that he mentioned... They have also mentioned Night Flight, In the Light, Houses of the Holy... This is all just speculation anyway... For what it's worth, I really hope it's In The Light
  5. Page is as much rewarded for his writing as much as his playing.( lets not get into the ARMS benefit debacles)Clapton is a 3 time inductee... The only one... Cream, Yardbirds, Solo... Stones also had more "hit" singles... I agree that they are the best all around band of all time, but don't knock the other incredible artists...
  6. Beatles - Most Influential Led Zeppelin is the "BEST BAND" ever because they are the ONLY band that every member could be considered for the top 5 of their craft.... JP will be considered the Mozart of our time.... Not only did he write 90% of the catalog, he was the producer.... Led Zeppelin is basically the brain child of James Page!!! INCREDIBLE
  7. Not "brand new"... Just a song from the catalog that they have never performed Live.... I'm going with In The Light
  8. They used to sneak in parts of Carouselambra during the Clarksdale tour. During the middle of In The Evening they would do the slow part of C..ambra
  9. In The Light JPJ and Robert have always longed to do this song live. They were restricted with technology in the old days. This would be the perfect time.... Other possibilities... Tea For One - Robert and Jimmie did it in Japan in the late 90's... Fool In The Rain - Robert performed it with Pearl Jam once. Said it was the only time he ever had... I'm Gonna Crawl
  10. I seriously doubt that they will. I think they are going to dig deep into the catalog and blow us all away with an incredible setlist. If I were to bet I would say no, they won't do it. Robert has stood by his guns this long. Why would he change now. Also, the song that they have never performed.... It will be In The Light. JPJ and Percy have always wanted to perform that song and they were restricted by the technology of the times... You heard it here first!!!!
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