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  1. drop 1/ Ramble On 2/ Misty Mountain Hop 3/ The Song Remains The Same 4/ Trampled Underfoot 5/ Black Dog add 1/ Thank You 2/ Immigrant song 3/ Over The Hills And Far Away 4/ The Wanton Song 5/ Achilles Last Stand rgds
  2. Trampled Underfoot updated Misty Mountain Hop updated Bump up!
  3. This one too: At least one day in your life you listened every album from LZ to CODA.
  4. I get 6 times all studio albums 1/ LP ( including 4xITTO differents covers) 2/ CD 3/ CD REMASTERED 4/ 4CD BOX + BOXED SET2 5/ Japanese LP replicas (including 2xLZ3 2xHOUSES) 6/ atlantic/swan song LP replicas and other LP and CD but my favorites are: -Led Zep III LP russian -Led Zep Four Symbols LP russian -Led Zep III without wheel -Led Zep 4 CD with JPJ dedicace on the front sleeve he gave me when i met him by his thunderthief promo in London.
  5. Tahnks The Rover, Thanks all helping me updating this thread! Stairway updated Kashmir updated rgds
  6. Sorry for your loss The only one I know is one witch appeared (in 1988 I think) with Clapton and Beck but not so good quality you can see the video version there http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=93ubRaUm2J0 hope that helps rgds
  7. Yes that's true! but I couldn't find it on my keyboard
  8. The crop symbols on the cover of the 4SET-BOX are not the four led zeppelin symbols! are-they? inside the box each cd has a led zeppelin symbol 1/ Plant 2/ Page 3/ Bonham 4/ Jones On the box we can see 3 numbers at each corner 54 69 79 What is the meaning of theese numbers?
  9. I have some to add 1. You like "4 symbols untilted album" begins with "4" 2. You noticed "4 symbols untilted album" is not really untilted but surely unpronouncable 3. You tried to get the whole collection of Led Zep t-shirts corresponding to the nine studio albums 4. You get 3 times or more, every album: 1/vinyl, 2/cd, 3/remastred cd 5. When you hear a Led Zep song in the radio, at the end you always know wich is the following song on vinyl and cd version
  10. 1. Stairway To Heaven 2. Since I've Been Lovin' You 3. Immigrant Song 4. Achilles Last Stand 5. Rock And Roll 6. Whole Lotta Love 7. Dazed And Confused 8. Kashmir 9. When The Levee Breaks 10. Over The Hills And Far Away
  11. my favorites: LZ1. Dazed And Confused 2. Whole Lotta Love 3. Since I've Been Lovin' You 4 symbols. Stairway To Heaven Houses. Over The Hills And Far Away Graffiti. Kashmir Presence. Achilles Last Stand ITTO. In The Evening Coda. We're Gonna Groove
  12. (sorry for my poor english) I understand better now that your question was for collectors live shows as I am not (I have only a few shows) and then I can't really answear your question. so do I -->"I've really had no desire to have more than a few P&P shows...or Plant solo shows, or Outrider tour shows, or Firm shows, or Page/Crowes shows. My true love is still old school Zep. " Anyway I regret I can't speak well english to tell my true felling wich is very close to the "mayqueen post" before. tks anyway for your answear rgds
  13. Your question is heavily based upon live performance. If I erase every live Zep before O2 concert, the studio albums remains "non-erased", and then the answear at your question is yes.
  14. studio: Stairway To Heaven live: No Quarter solo: Since I've Been Lovin' You
  15. My post is short: Led Zeppelin (1969-1980) were the band of the millenium. So it is impossible to compare them with any other band even Led Zeppelin 2007.
  16. My question is simple and decent I like the whole Led Zep music as I have about 7 times each album, but I wondered what are the 11 songs of the O2 concert you prefere.
  17. You can see the point of this thread as "what are your 11 favorite songs in the 16 O2 concert songs".
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