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  1. absoblumminlutely! You can soundcheck and rehearse until the cows come home, BUT things are always different under "battle conditions"! Musicians nearly always play louder/hit harder and want more monitors mainly due to the sheer adrenaline floating about, and can you just imagine how much of THAT there was?? The other fact to take into consideration is that the band don't have a regular crew that know them better than they know themselves like they did in the old days. Sure Robert's normal monitor man was doing the onstage mix (as I understand, anyway) BUT the onstage volume would be MU
  2. an awful lot of artists are resistant to using in-ears. They DO take a bit of getting used to for a start and have a tendancy to cut out the raw emotion from a gig as the sound can be very "clinical"
  3. I've kept my mouth shut thusfar (being a newbie), but I'd like to add a few observations as a sound engineer! Th FOH desk was a Digico D5. It's a digital desk which stores all your settings. The pink noise was before the support bands went on! This, however, doesn't excuse all the missing channels from the first few band, but the problem with digital boards is you can't actually see all input channels in one scene like you could with analogue boards, but have to go through several screens making correcting errors much more complicated and time consuming. The feedback was from the wedges
  4. well, life is much too short to argue, but we were on the on the guest list and our tickets were paid for
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