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  1. I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves, guys. As much as I'd like to say "to the contrary...", Jason Bonham leaving Foreigner does not necessarily equal Zeppelin Mk. 2 Mod. 1. Collaboration with at least two of his late father's bandmates, yes. New gig with same people as described elsewhere, maybe. Zeppelin re-born and touring under a new album? To me, that's a reach, as much as I wish it were so. As always, I think the brakes on this will be applied by Robert Plant. I just don't think he's into anything Zeppelin-like except perhaps a few more one-offs. Maybe I've got tha
  2. The way I heard it is that the band spent a lot of '74 in tax exile. The thing with Plant's voice wasn't revealed publicly until like 20 years afterward. That's an interesting twist to things if the JPJ quit rumor has any validity to it. And if it's true, then his lines after seeing the telegram in The Song Remains The Same (movie), "Ah, TOUR DATES!", is especially ironic. I wonder.
  3. Hmm. Don't know if I agree with the logic of not releasing live material to build potential interest in possible future endeavors. I'd think quite the opposite. Then again, normal rules don't seem to apply to the Mighty Zep. It's been the better part of a year since the show, which, by several accounts, was a one-off. We'll see about that. However, I would argue that releasing a pro-shot, DVD/CD combination package (or some such variant) would actually retain interest in LZ if not amplify it. Even if they don't play together again, what's the harm in it? "Here's one last modern-day
  4. I've been away for a while, but are there any rumblings whatsoever about the O2 show on DVD/Blu-Ray? I'd like to say that I think it's in the works, but do we have any idea when?
  5. Nirvana, Still befuddled by this puzzle. So much so that I put the DVD under my pillow last night to give it some, uh, extra thought. Nothing. All I can think of now is, "Like Shangri-La beneath the summer moon, I will return again." Kashmir's in the tuning of DADGAD and is 8:28 in length. It's in either 3/4 or 4/4 time, depending on what instrument you're playing. Still don't know how to get DADGAD to DVD. And nothing from '77 on the DVD (that I'm aware of). Do the wave patterns of sand in front of the mittens mean anything? Hidden image perhaps?
  6. Nice pic, Nirvana. Joshua Tree meets the Hand of God. Still perplexed by the DVD puzzle/enigma. I've been researching a variety of different angles, and I'm not picking up on anything. Checked out the history of Monument Valley, looked up some numbers, reviewed all the covers from Zeppelin's albums, etc. A hint, perhaps? I feel like I'm just off the cusp of something.
  7. For Your Life (off Presence). Good tune. Almost never heard on radio or even in Zeppelin shows.
  8. With a Black Dog in the first image at Headley Grange! How quaint! The only venues I've been in that Zeppelin played (unfortunately not at the same time) are Cobo Hall and the Silverdome (in Detroit and Pontiac, MI, respectively) and Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans, LA. Used to play hockey there on Monday nights, years ago.
  9. Refine the numbers, eh? Roman numerals are the only thing I can think of: D = 500, V = 5, D = 500. Lotta fives coming up, which supposedly means dominance or aggression. Lotta zeroes coming up, too, if this is the true motif. Combined, it could mean 945, 1005, which sounds like a year or a time of day. Haven't checked binary numbers, yet.
  10. Still drawing a blank, Nirvana. I'm going with the numerology thing you mentioned several posts ago. Led Zeppelin (the phrase) has 11 letters in it, Jimmy's favorite number. DVD has three, the remaining number of Zeppelin members (although Bonzo will always live on for me). DVD are the fourth, twenty-second and fourth letters of the alphabet. Two squared is four; but then what? 11+3=14, but I'm not getting a vibe off that, either. 11-3=8; same story. 11x3=33; ditto. 11/3= 3 2/3. Setting aside the numbers, in Navajo, Monument Valley is Tsé Bii' Ndzisgaii (which means Vall
  11. Yeah, I'm drawing a blank, too. I'm looking through the track listings and the years. Those are the only numbers, besides the series number (970198), I'm aware of. What am I missing?
  12. Can't swear to this, but I believe the original title was going to be "The Overture." And I'm down with Zep trivia, too. Just might not be a master!
  13. Well, as your posting name indicates, you too love Physical Graffiti. I'd like to hear them play The Rover. I think it's an underrated tune on an outstanding album. Good segue from Custard Pie to the Rover. Come to think of it, there ain't a weak tune on the whole album.
  14. I'm very jealous of you! Enjoy the show, lzr. I can only imagine what merchandising will be there!
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