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  1. You speak my thoughts and feelings 100% well written mate
  2. I too have been a fan since i was 12 so i hear you, but just as i have aged so has Robert and as much as I selfishly would want to see him and the boys together again more than anything, i respect his choices. he must have his reasons.... When I heard that Robert didnt want to play I felt very hurt I am so jealous of the lucky ones who did see them all together at the 02. However sometimes people change their minds at the last minute so there is still hope whilst there hasnt been an official release of concert tour dates. Thats what I tell myself anyway
  3. I'm with you and love your little clip of Robert has made my day sooo much better, took me a good 5 mins to move on past it . Thanks for sharing the moment
  4. I gotta say that the thought of Steven Tyler taking Roberts place is turning my stomache. And what is going on??? All this teasing about Led Zep touring is gonna put me on anti anxiety medication. For the last 12 months I have been on a Led Zep roller coaster, theyre touring theyre not , JImmy says yes Robert says no, DVD no DVD. AHHHH Just DO IT fellas, the facts are that no matter what the worlds financial state is in there will be sell out shows, the DVD will sell. If Robert (my main man) doesnt want to or is physically incapable of touring, so be it.. I will still be seeing as many sh
  5. I'm at Sydney Australia, and am begging for the boys to come here!
  6. Hey how lucky r u thanks heaps for the great photos maybe led zep .com could use them as the latest screen saver down load. Fantastic !!
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