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  1. Ramble On has always been my favourite track on LZ II
  2. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You - is one of the most haunting and powerful tracks I've ever heard.
  3. Ditto It's sad, but you've said exactly what I feel. I'm 43 and would love to have had the chance to seen LZ. I was just too young.
  4. For me, Fate of Nations is Robert Plant's finest album. I Believe, 29 Palms, Greatest Gift and If I Were a Carpenter are amongst the most beautiful songs that I've ever heard.
  5. I just want to say "Hi" to everyone Yes, I'm another newbie to the forum, but I'm a long-time Led Zeppelin fan and currently feeling like I'm 17 again with all the excitement from Monday's show - I just wish I'd been there!!! I live in the UK with my family - my partner is a fan AND was lucky enough to see them on both nights they played Knebworth in '79!! At that time, I was too young, but I've seen Page and Plant several times over the years, with various collaborations, but to see them together with JPJ and Jason - as they did on Monday would be a dream come true. It's been great c
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