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  1. Agree with the defensive comments on Stairway - regardless of whether non-LZ fans like it, a classic. Not a word can be said against Levee, deserving of its support. Overall though, not a top 3 LZ album for me (LZ III is genius, II is compelling and PG is equally strong)
  2. Big time YES (and not just at arenas - my birthday bash next August could use a band!). They should restrict shows to locals so that the shows don't get bought out by the global elite (most of us would like a fair chance of getting to a show without selling the house or whoring the missus!)
  3. Plumped for WIAWSNB as it was the first of the big theatrical tracks (Song Remains, Since I've Been, Rain Song e.t.c) that ultimately led to Stairway, Kashmir and some of the better late tracks. Love the suspense and energy as it builds. That said, Thank You is tremendous, not least the live version on Unledded for MTV.
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