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  1. VH1 "Rock Honors" celebrates the career of The Who with a concert and show at Pauley Pavillion in LA on July 12,2008. The show will be taped and air on VH1 on July 17th. And yes, The Who will be performing that night.
  2. That would be Van Halen on April 26th in St.Louis. (After being postponed TWICE, I might add)
  3. A little Van Halen..............since it looks like I may actually get to see them in St.Louis next month..............finally!
  4. Have you bought a rock concert T-Shirt lately? At sometimes $35 to $50 a pop, this new T-shirt along with the exclusive CD makes the site worth joining. I'll consider myself getting my money's worth.
  5. This is my dog, Pete. He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. What a great pet he has been!
  6. Sorry for the bump. I just couldn't stand for The Monkees thread to be way up above The Who thread. What a travesty!
  7. zep41, You mean to tell me that you are a Led Zep fan and you don't appreciate the guitar prowess of Pete? Oh, c'mon!
  8. I've always been a fan of Joe Walsh and James Gang. In fact, my first rock concert ever was in the early 1970's and James Gang was the headliner, with REO Speedwagon opening for them. I never got a chance to see The Eagles live, however.
  9. Great cover! Thanks for posting it. I will have to run out and pick up the magazine.
  10. Just think of the bucks that would be made on a tour of major US cities. I hope that big payday will be hard for them to turn down, and they will embark on a final 401K tour! LOL
  11. I saw them last year....a great show! Even though there's only 2 left out of the original 4, they are still a great live show to behold! I highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance.
  12. Check out www.thewho.com......................news,merchandise,forum,etc. I joined and will be receiving "View from a Backstage Pass", a double live CD. This will supposedly be available only here and to subscribers. We shall see.
  13. I saw this a few months back. It rocks. It's just one of the reasons I'm a Wolfmother fan.
  14. Any Who fans on here? Like Zep, Beatles, Stones, I've been a Who fan also for many years. I got a chance to see them again last year (in Atlanta) when they toured the US. Although The Who are now "the 2", they still put on a great show and are better than most younger acts out today, IMHO. I did get to see The Who twice before Keith Moon died (in the early 70's) and the original lineup was amazing live. Their energy was unmatched. And yes, Pete is still doing those windmills!
  15. I'm still holding 2 tickets for the St Louis, Mo show that was postponed until the end of March. I was really looking foward to seeing Van Halen, but I guess I'll have to wait until springtime! My sources tell me that several more dates will be added for 2008.
  16. Oh, come on people, somebody on here has got to be my age or older. Fess up, now. But it's really great to see all you young people on here that love Led Zeppelin. Long live Rock N Roll!
  17. Looks like we have another Who fan here! I'm including myself, Boris.
  18. What hair? I'm 54 years old and it's disappearing right before my eyes!
  19. Wolfmother. Can you guess who they were influenced by?
  20. Congrats to all you lucky bastards! We will all be anticipating your reviews/reports/adventures from the O2.
  21. Here's my last 5 concerts: John Mellencamp Def Leppard/Foreigner/Styx Z Z Top/The Pretenders/Stray Cats The Who The Stones
  22. I thought it would be nice to start a thread where everyone gives their age, so we could see what the range is for us Zep fans. I'm an old geezer at 54 years old. I saw my one and only Led Zeppelin concert when I was 20 years old in 1973.
  23. I can see Michael Cohl licking his chops already! I can see ticket prices in the $350 to $450 range. And Hot Seat Packages galore. LOL
  24. The Beatles Led Zeppelin The Who The Stones Any Questions?
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