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  1. I could not agree more! Clapton is among the very best of all time, no doubt. However, he is so trumped by Pagey and the Boys that he became irrelevant in comparison. Like you and others have said- Very good imitator, but that is about it. What Zep did? Shit- we're STILL TALKING ABOUT IT!!! We're STILL not over how incredible it was, and hopefully will remain thanks to Jason...
  2. ps Care to share with the rest of us desperate souls how/where we can get our hands on the whole performance? I'm hoping it will be released, but I need a new Zep fix!
  3. Bravo!! I hate that I have come to realize that Plant is/has been not so enthused as the others. It is selfish of me, I know. I'm sure he has other plans and ideas, but DAMN!! This reunion and the hope of a tour was, for a while, looking like a dream come true! So much frickin potential to reignite the fire that once was, and he wants something else... Sucks. God Bless him anyway, the Wizard! Just wish things were different.....
  4. Underwhelmed? I have been waiting for 27 years for an event like this! The clips on the net were taken by members of the audience with camcorders for cryin' out loud! Even so, I am so very thankful to those who submitted! And to say that Zep was never a strong live band, are you serious?! That is what made them who they were and still are. For 12 years those guys toured rather heavily, and completely satisfied and left the crowds in awe... Gotta admit that we wouldn't even be discussing them after a 27 year hiatus if they hadn't left a deep impression on the world. I would also like to add how incredibly proud I am of Jason for having the balls (and talent!) to fill in for the world's greatest drummer. Can you imagine how he must have felt? Very good, I hope... Well done!!
  5. Hey- Thanks for pointing out Jason's bow to the 3 originals. I had checked out that clip earlier, but must have quit watching before that truly moving moment! What a class act he is! Gave me the chills watching the second time... God knows I wish I had been there!!
  6. Man!! Thanks for sharing those! I would have given anything to have been able to be there!! I know its not sounding likely these past few days, but I WILL GET A TICKET if they do in fact tour in the US... I had given up on that notion years ago, and have been living on Page's re-masters and "How the West Was Won".... You are a very lucky man.
  7. It may not be the original Led Zeppelin, but it is today's Led Zeppelin- We will never have our beloved Bonzo back to rip up the kit, but we have the next best thing in Jason, who I feel is nearly his father's equal and who adds his own spice to Dad's recipe. Its the very best (and only) Led Zeppelin available.
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