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  1. Biggest Reformation since Zep: 1. KISS - They could pack a world tour. You wouldn't need a lottery for ticket sales but it would be very profitable for the band and promoter and it would rank pretty high rock history wise. 2. Bad Company - Paul and Mick may have mended thier differences. Not likely considering thier method of breakup but not impossible. The Original Bad Company could be a very strong ticket in 2009. Maybe not second to Zep but still a strong draw.
  2. True sir ,but, Plant sings with a lot less stress and power on his solo tours of late. The 1980's stuff was different. He actually screamed and growled through a lot of those tours but he has since made a point of singing and writting much more melodic/falsetto type things a lot more than not; ie; The new albulm with Allison. He cannot do that nearly as much with Zep and the band knows that. I believe they will opt for a small number of shows in the biggest of venues except for a scant few select small venues because of the history they represent like say, Royal Albert or some place like that. I would love to see them do 20 or more dates. The more the merrier for all, but I just don't believe it can happen that way. No matter how many dates they deside on, I believe that a Lottery will be in effect for all, so good luck friend, I hope we are both lucky enough see a show!!
  3. Obviously, Led Zep cannot do a full world tour because of Plant and the possibility of vocal stress as well as everyone getting burned out and tired too quickly. I believe a select number of dates in Europe and the US after the Allison Krause tour would be a good plan. A 2008 - 2009 tour consisting of 6 Euro and 6 US dates would to me be the best for all concerned. This way Zep could serve up 12 great shows. They could try some new material out during the process. Then put out a CD and DVD with all new Zep material as well as great renditions of the past stuff. Jimmmy obviously has new song ideas so why not. As to the O2 show, it is obvious to me now that Plant knows he must agree with the critics. It is still possible to deliver the goods. He just needs to let it happen now. For those that don't realize it by now, Plant is the key. He will make or break what hapens next. Jimmy has worked hard to get Plant's confidence in him back and O2 did that. No matter what happens next, can there be any denying that Zep is the Greatest Rock Band ever!!!
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